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Seed Count R-60+

Seed counter specifically designed for seed research with highest speed, precision and flexibility.

The Seed Count R-60+ is specifically designed for the needs of plant breeders, trials managers and lab scientists in agricultural research. The new Research Software and touch panel PC is designed to integrate barcode scanners, scales and label printers, enabling automatic and precise calculation of thousand grain weight while eliminating possible operator errors. The Seed Count R-60+ also enables users to quickly and efficiently fill different numbers of seeds per bag for trials. This can be in a predetermined order top down as listed in Excel or CSV files, or in combination with a barcode reader even in a randomized order.


Available options:


  • Barcode reader with USB connection
  • Scale for automatic calculation of TGW / TSW
  • Label printer
  • Operation by 15” touch panel PC (Use of keyboard and mouse is also possible)
  • Seed size from 1 mm up to 25 mm
  • Count exactly the amount you want with nearly 100 % accuracy
  • High speed counting (up to 200 seeds per second)
  • Highly reliable research software which meets all customer requirements
  • Enables to count different quantities of seeds per bag based on a preset Excel file
  • Count, weight and thousand grain weight results will be saved in Excel format 
  • Automatic calculation of TGW / TSW
  • Automatic calibration for all seed types
  • Configuration of external devices (barcode reader, scale, printer) directly on the PC
  • Foot pedal for starting the counting cycle (can also be started from the PC)
  • Ergonomic and quick emptying of hopper
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean