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Dynamic Disc - 3-Point

Tractor mounted precision spaced planters featuring exceptionally high performance.

The Dynamic Disc was specially designed to meet very high performance requirements for precision spaced planting of field trials. The specifically for seed research developed and patented seed metering unit provides exact seed placement and a very high planting capacity.

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

Highly accurate planting

  • Mix-free planting
  • Precise seed spacing
  • Precise seed singulatioin, avoiding skipped seeds and doubles
  • Independent of seed size and seed weight

Fast planting speed

  • The patented seed metering unit with slotted disks achieves optimum planting speeds
  • The turning seed chamber enables precise separation of seeds between plots

Tracking and recording of the planting operation

  • Machine parameters are stored
  • Current results including errors are displayed during planting
  • All data is recorded on a memory card
  • Wear-free electric drive of seed metering units based on highly advanced drive technology
  • Modular system supporting a variety of applications
  • Telescope frame for increased flexibility