Sample cleaner

MLN Sample cleaner

Sieve machine with aspiration and de-awner.

MLN Sample cleaner

MLN Sample cleaner

Sieve machine with aspiration and de-awner.

The ideal and most successful piece of equipment for seed breeding enterprises to ensure excellent cleaning of samples reliably and quickly. The cleaning process largely corresponds to that of a normal process cleaning machine.


Application area.

Enables the post-cleaning of threshing samples for all seed types (for sample volumes of approx. 1 kg) to achieve the required purity for laboratory analyses or planting. A multi-stage cleaning process ensures precise and gentle cleaning with very quiet and vibration-free operation. The device boasts easy access to all operating elements and short changeover times.



Add the sample and start the cleaning process. If necessary, the sample is first de-awned for a preselected time. The de-awner then opens automatically and the sample falls through the aspiration chamber. Lightweight dirt such a dust is extracted by the aspiration and deposited in the dust bag by the cyclone. The sample runs over the straw sieve, which removes bigger impurities and then runs over the sand sieve. Sand and small impurities such as weed seeds fall through the sand sieve. Impurities, sand, and weed seeds run into the left-hand collection pan, and the cleaned seeds into the right-hand collection pan. A feed funnel is available as an accessory. The sample cleaner can therefore be used for larger sample quantities, e.g., for seed cleaning for trial plots.

Your benefits summed up:

  • Fully automated cleaning

  • With de-awner and aspiration

  • Quick sieve change

  • Maintenance-free

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