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Delair UX11 AG long-distance drone and Alteia platform.

Delair note taking

Delair UX11 AG long-distance drone and Alteia platform.

The high-performance drone hardware with the Alteia platform supports the visual intelligence workflow for field trials.


New generations of drone systems and advanced aerial imagery analytics are revolutionizing both plant science research and the entire agricultural industry by providing comprehensive field-based plant phenotyping data to better understand seed performance in the field. Combined with powerful machines designed to achieve the best-possible breeding performance and harvesting quality in plant variety trials, this can accelerate the progress of breeding programs and reduce labor time and costs per plot. 

UX11 AG performance overview

Designed to provide optimal spectral data and precisely geolocalized plant data. Fully integrated multispectral camera for bird's eye view photos, as well as images of biomass and chlorophyll during a single flight. Optional PPK activation for measurement.


BVLOS-compatible communication – optional wireless or cellular connection over the 3G network (4G-compatible) for unlimited range.


Bird Take Off and Landing – BTOL – precise take offs and landings – high angle (30 degrees) for restricted areas, slow landing with distance measurement technology.

Easy-to-use Android™ app for operational planning and control – pre-flight checklist,

no-fly zones, modern user interface, in-flight data control.



  •   Orthophoto & digital surface model
  •   Maps: bird's eye view, green vegetation, chlorophyll content, and more
  •   Plant counting, gap and plant height detection
  •   Vectorization of field, row, and small plot boundaries
  •   Management zones and sampling points

Alteia performance overview

Easily pool your data from any source on a single platform.

Drone-independent – the platform is designed for gathering, managing, and analyzing data from all professional drones.


Exploit visual data – obtain a comprehensive overview of your sites, progress, and operations across your organization. Create orthophotos, a dynamic, digital surface model slope map, individual boundary lines, source images, comparison view, change map, 3D network, 3D point cloud, special overlays.


Development and integration – use as the back-end for your applications, use individual analysis options or exchange data with your information system.


Alteia – own company for application software.

In its efforts to become the world leader in AI-based application software, Delair outsourced the software platform for data management and visualization. These areas were bundled under the new company name "Alteia - Visual Intelligence".


  • Small plot vectorization: small plot boundaries, linking of small plot customer identification of the trial plan with the small plot
  • Scouting maps: bird's eye view (RGB), plant vitality (NDVI), green biomass (MCARI2), plant green (VARI), chlorophyll content (NDRE), chlorophyll concentration (CCCI), colored infrared (CIR), soil-adapted plant vitality (MSAVI2), or photochemical reflectance index (PRI)
  • Statistics/small plots: minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation, scattering
  • Plant height statistics
  • Plant and gap detection: plant counting, geolocalization and length measurement of gaps, geolocalization of gaps at the end of rows
  • Flowering characterization: flowering layer, percentage of yellow flowers per small plot
  • Emergence characterization: emergence layer, percentage of the emergence per small plot
  • Immature plants: percentage of immature plants per small plot
  • Proportion of soil covered in vegetation: biomass cover, degree of soil coverage per small plot 

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