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Classic Plus Small plot combine

Your Plus for more harvesting success.

Classic Plus Small plot combine

Your Plus for more harvesting success.

The WINTERSTEIGER Classic Plus plot combine meets all requirements for a quick, clean harvest, from F3 generation ranges to experimental plots. Thanks to its modular system, the combine is suitable for all harvesting conditions and customer

requirements. Its dimensions and low weight make the machine easy to transport.


Your benefits summed up:

  • Greater comfort with modern driver‘s platform
  • Color display for intuitive operation, optimum overview, control of all key parameters, and straightforward menu navigation using function keys
  • All functions necessary for harvesting operations are integrated in the multi-function lever
  • Tilt- and height-adjustable steering column
  • Height-adjustable comfort driver‘s seat with integrated safety switch
  • Low levels of dust exposure for the driver due to perfectly designed threshing unit with suction effect
  • Hydraulic cleaning blower (400 – 1800 rpm) can be adjusted on color display and at rear of the machine
  • Hydraulic threshing drum variator adjustable from the color display
  • Hydraulic folding grain tank discharging auger can be controlled from the color display
  • Longer service intervals
    The Classic Plus guarantees a long service life thanks to structural modifications to the bearing points and the use of quality products for bearings and belts
  • Maximum threshing performance and clean samples
  • Increase in throughput of more than 20 % thanks to improved threshing unit geometry
  • Optimization of cleanout through modifications to the concave, threshing case conveyor, and in many other points. Perfectly suited for threshing fine seeds such as vegetables, herbs, or grass
  • Suitable for multiple crops
    Extremely quick exchange of the concave through newly designed concave replacement system with integrated tool
  • High maneuverability
    Ideal for use in breeding nurseries and for the smallest plots due to 15 % reduced turning radius diameter
  • Perfect for low cutting heights
    The low cutting height of 4.5 cm allows the knife to stay close to the ground and gives you excellent harvest results especially with beans and other legumes


Compact entry-level machine for peak performance.


The WINTERSTEIGER Classic Plus has a hydrostatic drive train with powerful wheel hub motors. The water cooled Deutz diesel engine with 38 kW (52 HP) is designed for maximum performance and operational safety. Speed range: forward/reverse 0 – 16 km/h (0 – 10 mph). In difficult terrain, an all-wheel drive option with a reinforced rear axle and wheel hub motors can be additionally engaged from the driver‘s seat.


Accessories and options:

  • Approval for driving on public roads
  • Electro-hydraulically controlled differential lock action on the front wheel hub motors can be switched on and off from the cockpit
  • Compressor with air hose for cleaning the combine‘s exterior
  • 40 liter air tank additionally available for comprehensive cleaning without running the engine
  • Pedal control so your hands are free to carry out other tasks


Excellent visibility from the cockpit.


The re-designed operator‘s platform of the Classic Plus makes for ergonomic and user-friendly operation with the operating elements clearly laid out and a wide range of accessible settings. On top of this, the cockpit gives the driver a perfect view of all functional areas. The height-adjustable driver‘s seat (can be supplied with optional air suspension) with integrated safety switch and tilt- and height-adjustable steering column ensure maximum comfort for the driver during harvesting.

Paneling and a special hood protect the driver and operator from noise, dust and heat.

The new color display enables the driver to keep an eye on and control all key parameters:

  • Modern and intuitive visualization at a glance
  • Straightforward menu navigation via function keys
  • Coolant temperature indicator
  • Fuel gage


All controls and displays are clearly laid out and easily accessible:

  • Hydraulic steering
  • Hydraulic setting of cutting table and reel height
  • Stepless hydraulic reel speed
  • adjustment from 0 – 45 rpm
  • Quick stop for cutting table, reel and cutting table conveyor
  • Quick stop for the entire header (hydraulic)

The multifunction lever puts all the machine's driving and harvesting controls in your hand:

  • Raise/lower header
  • Raise/lower reel
  • Move reel forward/backward horizontally
  • Clean out header (with weighing system)
  • Cleaning blower max. speed
  • Enter key for weighing system


An optional Stop&Go foot pedal lets you drive and stop the machine without changing the position of the multifunction lever. This simplifies operation and improves the field work.

A variety of headers are available

Cutting table with belt feeder.

Erntevorsätze in vielen Variationen

The new cutting unit of the Classic Plus is a combination of an intake auger, transfer drum and conveyor belt. It has proven itself under the most difficult harvesting conditions, such as lodged, heavy, or bulky crops with high moisture levels. Available in cutting widths of 125 cm and 150 cm (49” and 59”). The consistent feed of the plot and the large distance between the cutter bar and the intake auger guarantee minimal seed loss. Side air nozzles on the cutting table guarantee absolutely mix-free harvesting.


The cutting table has the following characteristics:

  • Mix-free harvesting thanks to fully covered cutting knife and conveyor belt, anti-static rubber conveyor belt and pneumatic clean out system
  • Consistent feed and high harvesting capacity
  • Fast stop system for the cutting table and reel prevents the intake of foreign objects
  • Low cutting height of 4.5 cm
  • Adjustable cutting skids guarantee an even cutting height
  • Excellent harvesting results even in difficult conditions due to crop lifters and extra-long crop dividers

Cutting table accessories:

  • 2 reel brushes keep grains out of the cutting table without requiring manual cleaning
  • Hydraulic horizontal reel adjustment
  • Underbody cladding for cutting table to prevent damage to the conveyor belt by sunflower stalks, bean stubble etc.
  • Extra-long crop dividers for perfect splitting of plots with long stem plants
  • Crop lifter for harvesting lodged crops
  • Vertical cutting unit on the right in place of the crop divider for rapeseed, beet, bean and vegetable plots to minimize losses at the separating lines
  • Vertical cutting unit on the left in addition to the vertical cutting unit on the right for harvesting only the center of plots
  • Rubber flaps for harvesting peas or beans, preventing overripe or burst crops from rolling or bouncing away, thus preventing losses on the cutting table

Corn header, 2-row

  • Heavy duty frame with conveyor belt
  • For use for 60 – 75 cm (23.6” – 29.5”) spacing between rows
  • Robust and proven picking elements
  • Hydraulic adjustment of picker bars with distance indicated at drivers platform
  • Easily removable plastic covers and snouts

High maneuverability.

Hohe Wendigkeit

Ideal for use in breeding nurseries and for the smallest plots due to 15 % reduced turning radius.


Accessories and options:

  • Lighting system for road driving
  • Lighting system for night work
  • Sun roof over the driver's platform
  • Roll bar with sun roof over the driver's platform
  • Cabin with all-round view and 3-stage fan
  • Rotary light
  • Approved for road driving

Sampling with adjustable volume

Probenahme mit einstellbarer Menge

The following sampling options are possible in conjunction with the weighing system:


  • Side mounted sampler on the combine (0 – 1000 ml) (2-man harvesting method)
  • Sampler mounted next to driver's seat for 900 ml (1-man harvesting method)

Mix-free, gentle pneumatic seed transport.

WINTERSTEIGER offers the right equipment for the job on hand:

Side mounted bagging, left-hand side.


Fully pneumatic seed delivery for 2 person harvesting operation with adjustable blower, injector sluice, cyclone and double-bag holder. This bagging option works completely mix free and is gentle to the seeds.



  • Additional platform for bagging
  • Seat for additional platform

Grain tank.


Capacity: 400 liters, with pneumatic seed delivery and unloading auger. Grain can be bagged or transported to a grain tank by operating a switch valve. After removing the bottom flap with snap locks you can clean the grain tank easily and thoroughly.

Hydraulic grain tank discharging auger.

Hydraulisches Korntank-Entleerrohr

With the help of the hydraulic folding, the grain tank auger can be activated from the color display.

Maximum threshing performance and clean harvest.

Höchste Druschleistung
1. In-take auger
2. Feeder roller
3. Conveyor belt
4. Threshing drum
5. Concave
6. Transport belt
7. Shakers

Perfect threshing for a clean harvest.

Tried and trusted threshing technology guarantees clean sample, best straw through put and thanks to the pneumatic seed delivery system a mix free sample. Controls and adjustments are carried out from the driver's seat.


A high level of purity of the harvested sample is guaranteed by:


  • Various shakers and cleaning sieves
  • Optimum distribution of air at the cleaning sieve
  • Air deflector plates on the cleaning sieve
  • Specific air distribution in the blower

Threshing drum drives.


Threshing drum variator with threshing drum reversing mechanism:
The threshing drum variator enables steplessly adjustable speed from 330 – 2100 rpm. The color display indicates the threshing drum speed. Benefits: Simple adjustment to suit a variety of crops and harvesting conditions, producing a perfect yield even in damp, difficult conditions. The distance between the concave and threshing drum and the concave angle are displayed on a scale.


The following speeds are possible with different combinations of sprockets and roller chains: 160, 220, 280, 470, 675, 850, 1045, 1320 and 1890 rpm.

Hydraulic threshing drum variator.

As an option, the Classic Plus can be equipped with hydraulic adjustment of the variator activated from the operator terminal.

Concave cassettes.

The re-designed cassette system with integrated tool enables the concave to be changed quickly as it can be pulled out from the side without removing the cutting unit. The concave can be changed in less than 2 minutes.

High-precision harvest data collection systems.

WINTERSTEIGER offers weighing and data collection solutions that are individually tailored to customer requirements. Here are the opportunities and benefits at-a-glance:



  W1 W1 PLUS H2 ClassicTM 
System 1 container 1 container 1 container
Number of weighing cells 2 2 3
Performance (plot yield x cycle time) Small and medium plot yields Small and medium plot yields Small, medium and large plot yields
Evaluation (plot weights of up to 15 kg)
Individual measurement Individual measurement Individual measurement
Evaluation (plot weights of over 15 kg) Individual measurement
up to 30 l
Individual measurement
up to 30 l
Multiple measurements
Weight measurement


+ +
Moisture recording   + +
Moisture measurement to grain moisture 40 % 40 % 40 %
Hectoliter weight measurement     +
Data transfer to NIR systems + + +
Use of Easy Harvest harvesting software + + +
Operation with other harvesting software + + +
Interface to other databases + + +
Continuous harvesting of long plots     +
Slope and motion sensor to reduce errors caused by vibration or movement of the harvester + + +
Weighing function for slope gradients of up to 10 % 10 % 10 %

W1 and W1 Plus

The new W1 and W1 Plus weighing systems, exclusively developed for WINTERSTEIGER by HarvestMaster, combines unrivaled precision and speed in weight and moisture measurement. The weighing system is based on unique measurement and grain handling technology. The compact and cost-effective system is designed to mount on the Classic Plus and Quantum plot combines. The system is capable of processing all common field crops. The W1 weighing system measures the weight only and the W1 Plus weighing system also determines the moisture content of your harvested material.


  Technical data:
Dimensions 38 cm x 46 cm x 48 cm (15” x 18” x 19”)
Capacity Up to 30.5 l
Weighing accuracy ± 45 g (± 0.1 lbs)
Moisture measurement Accurate to ± 1 %
Actuator Pneumatic
Temperature 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)
We reserve the right to make technical alternations. 

H2 ClassicTM

This very compact harvest data collection system is ideal for widespread use with all crop types. It will work equally well with low-volume harvested material and small yields, and large-volume harvested material such as corn. Thanks to the generously dimensioned weighing bucket, the vast majority of plots can be recorded in a single weighing process, which guarantees extremely short cycle times. The wide range of sampling options can also be controlled on the Quantum by using the Easy Harvest software to manage field plans and to store and export collected data.

Performance features:


  • Fast process times with no stops: Intermediate storage makes it possible to enter the next plot before weighing has even been completed.
  • Very fast measuring cycles
  • Ultra-precise thanks to optimized vibration compensation automated measuring of the plot weight, moisture level and hectoliter weight / test weight throughout
  • Fill-level detection enables automated multiple measurements for large plot yields (> 15 kg (30 lbs), "Strip Mode").

Harvesting sequence:


  • The harvested material is harvested directly into the weighing bucket.
  • Once the maximum fill level of the weighing bucket has been reached, the remaining quantity is stored in the hopper and weighed during the next cycle.
  • The weighing cycle is actuated manually at the end of the plot by pressing a button.
  • In the case of larger plot yields, the component weights are added.
  • The data is stored on the on-board computer.
  • If a sampler is activated, the sample is taken automatically; labels can be printed right away if desired.
  Technical data H2 ClassicTM
Weighing system
Dimensions (W x D x H) 380 x 460 x 480 mm (15 x 18 x 19")
Weighing bucket capacity Approx. 19 liters (0, 54 bu),
appr. 15 kg (33 lbs) in wheat
Moisture measurement capacity/
Test weight determination
2.3 liters or 1.2 liters
Measuring presicion
Weight Cycle accuracy: max. +/- 45 g (+/- 0,1 lbs)
Plot accuracy: max. +/- 45 g (+/- 0,1 lbs)
Hectoliter weight +/- 1.0 kg/HL
Moisture +/- 0.5 % or grain moisture 0 % – 27 %
+/- 1.0 % or grain moisture 27 % – 40 %
Speed/cycle time for 1 weighing process <= 6 sec
We reserve the right to make technical alterations.


Exceptionally low levels of dust exposure for the driver.

Geringste Staubbelastung

The re-designed threshing unit with suction effect means less dust exposure for the driver.



One step shaker with guide plates and conveyor comb guarantees that straw is well loosened and it works well on slopes. The quick-change system enables the shakers to be repla­ced quickly and easily.

The graepel type shaker with two adjustable strokes provides best seed separation. The cleaning fan speed is adjustable to provide a high quality sample.
Shaker sizes: 6, 10, 14, 20, 28 mm.


Cleaning sieves.


  • Graepel type sieve, 2 minute change time. Shaker sizes: 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 28 mm
  • Small adjustable sieve from 4 – 20 mm, large adjustable sieve from 16 – 30 mm

Special versions.

Classic Plus for fine seeds and grass threshing.

  • Additional side door in the threshing case for cleaning of the conveyor belt
  • Antistatic conveyors in threshing case and on cutting table guarantee best mix-free harvesting
  • Additional opening for easier access to the beater drum and for quicker clean out/blow out of the basic machine
  • Precision finishing as well as sealing and rounding of all corners, edges and rivets on the fine seed version
  • Special intake auger finger guide for mix-free intake
  • Scraper for cleaning header and threshing case conveyor on the inside

Car trailer for transport on public roads.


Two aluminum drive-up ramps are stored on the trailer to enable fast loading and unloading. The aluminum side walls with sunk fastenings fold down and are removable. The automatic tow coupling has both an overrun brake and an automatic reverse function.


Technical data:   
Loading area (L x W x H) 5100 x 2100 x 350 mm, (200.8” x 82.7” x 13.8”)
Load height 770 mm (30.3”)
External dimensions Overall length: approx. 6400 mm (252”)
Overall width: approx. 2160 mm (85”)
Drive up ramp (pair) Length: 3000 mm (118”)
Load bearing capacity: 2800 kg (6170 lbs)
Payload 2750 kg (6060 lbs)
Permitted total weight 3500 kg (7715 lbs)

We reserve the right to make technical alterations.

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