Quantum Core
Medium size – high end plot combine

Cockpit Engine & Drive Threshing & Cleaning Seed handling Weighing systems Headers Options Dimensions and technical data Comparison

Quantum family

Featuring a modular design, the Quantum Combine family consists of three different models, all sharing the same Quantum technology. Designed with the user in mind, these combines set new benchmarks in terms of throughput, user-friendliness, and seed handling.


The Quantum Core plot combine rounds out the offering to include all plot sizes and budgets. Featuring a modular design like its predecessors – the Quantum Plus and Quantum Pro, the Quantum Core can be tailored to your specific needs.

  Quantum FAMILY
  Core Plus Pro
Small seeds ++ ++ ++
Row crops + + ++
Harvesting speed + + ++
Operator comfort + ++ ++
Driver assistance systems + ++ ++
Available options o + ++
Engine Power 55 kW / 75 Hp 55 kW / 75 Hp 85 kW / 115 Hp
Grain tank volume

1100 l / 30 bu

1100 l / 30 bu 1700 l / 48 bu
Ground cleanrance 250 mm / 10" 250 mm / 10" 370 mm / 14"
Driving speed 17 km/h / 10.5 mph 25 km/h / 16 mph

25 km/h / 16 mph

Half track system N/A YES YES
o = good / + = better / ++ = best


Quantum Core Medium size – high end plot combine

Quantum Core - your entry in modern field trial technology!

Quantum Core

Quantum Core Medium size – high end plot combine

Quantum Core - your entry in modern field trial technology!

The Quantum Core builds the foundation in the high end Quantum product line - developed by WINTERSTEIGER to meet the increasingly demanding challenges of state-of-the-art field research. This combine was designed to provide access to Quantum technology for a more limited budget. Uses range from nursery to yield trial plots.


Its innovative construction is intended to meet all basic needs for harvesting all types of small seeds. The comfortable ergonomic cabin provides plenty of space for two people and the ample cabin insulation reduces noise levels creating a comfortable and healthy working environment. A powerful engine in combination with the OptiFloww threshing unit delivers clean samples for best results. Additionally, an optional weighing and sampling system can be installed.


Clean and streamlined when it comes to features, but heavy on performance, the Quantum Core comes with standard features that provide increased user friendliness, throughput, seed handling and additional à la carte optional features to meet your specific field research needs.


  • Stress-free working thanks to an advanced operating concept
    • Top ergonomics for stress-free working for the driver and operator
    • Optimal layout and low noise level in the cabin
    • 8,7 kW air conditioning system
    • TOPS (Tip Over Protective Structure) certified cabin for enhanced safety
    • Intuitive driver assistance system with automatic cycle management (header cleaning, enter for weighing cycle, cleaning fan go to max. rpm)
    • Stop and Go as a software option
    • Modern visualization of all the machine parameters on a single color screen
    • State of the art self-diagnosing control system
    • Remote access module for fast trouble shooting
  • Powerful machine for breeding and crop variety trials
    • Deutz 2.9 l diesel, 55 kW (75 HP), 4 cylinder, water cooled
    • Engine accessible from all four sides for service and cleaning
    • Speed: 17 km/h (10,5 mph)
    • Driving hydraulic pump with mechanical adjustment
    • Options: 2WD, 2WD with differential lock, permanent 4WD, permanent 4WD with differential lock (lengthwise and crosswise)


  • Headers with OptiFlowW technology for maximum performance
    • OptiFlowW cereal headers; Width 125 cm, 150 cm, 175 cm
    • 400 rpm knife speed for cereal header
    • Stumbling step for improved material flow and less seed losses
    • Pneumatic cleaning with compressed air
    • Splitted auger for best material flow and visibility
    • 2 row corn headers with different row spacings and chopper options available
    • 2 different speeds for corn header (300 rpm / 460 rpm)
  • High-performance grain logistics
    • Stepless adjustable sample volume up to 20 kg
    • W1 / W1 Plus / H2 Classic weighing system or side bagging
    • Easy Harvest all in one harvesting software for data collection, sampler sequence control and pneumatic flap monitoring
    • Visual feedback on a screen once it is save to proceed into the next plot
    • In cabin sub sampling system with adjustable volume and in cab bagging
    • Ergonomic sample outlet on cabin backwall – suitable for one- or two-person operation
    • Optional radar sensor for faster cycle time
    • Optional sample storage integrated behind the cabin


The WINTERSTEIGER Quantum Core is characterized by the thoughtful design of the cab, cockpit, and controls, to ensure that all are oriented to the users' needs. The ergonomic design significantly reduces factors that lead to fatigue and helps to keep concentration levels up, thereby preventing tiring, even at the end of a long day's harvest. All this careful consideration of the users’ needs makes harvest considerably less stressful. The advanced design of the Quantum Core aligns people with purpose and place and sets the standard that previous plot combines have been unable to offer.

Keeps stress at bay.

  • Clear-cut space concept: The driver's seat is slightly off-center and thus ergonomic with respect to the controls. The second operator has the space needed to work comfortably.
  • Noise reduction: The cab provides very low noise levels for the operators. This is achieved by the curved windows, decoupled mounting on the cushioning elements, a damping floor covering, and the engine installed in the rear.
  • Maximum safety: The cab is built in accordance with EN 13531, TOPS (TipOver Protective Structure) – tested and certified. This ensures the safety of the operators in case of an emergency.
  • Pleasant climate: The cab boasts best-in-class cooling even at high outdoor temperatures, thanks to its powerful air-conditioning system with a cooling output of 8 kW.
  • Stress-free seating positions: The Quantum has comfortable ergonomic seats for the driver and operator that are also available as air ride seats.
  • Dust-free: Dust is kept out, as the sampling system is sealed off.

Revolves around the driver's needs.

The height and tilt of the steering column are adjustable for optimal comfort. All the harvesting mode functions are operated from the multi-function lever, the hand stays on the multifunction lever throughout the whole harvesting process:


  • Ground drive forward/reverse
  • Lifting/lowering the header
  • Raising/lowering the reel
  • Reel speed control
  • Header quick stop
  • Activating the differential lock / 4 WD drive system (option)
  • Switching between the fast and slow ground speeds
  • Moving the reel forwards/backwards or opening/closing the picker bars
  • Starting sequence control


All the other controls and functional elements are ergonomically located on the console.

Enables you to keep track of everything at a glance.

  • State-of-the-art and intuitive visualization of all the machine parameters on a single 5” color screen
  • Direct connection to engine management for monitoring and messages
  • Self-diagnosing CAN bus system to monitor the integrity of all connected peripherals for easy maintenance and trouble shooting
  • Easy to use service menu for checking all combine functions including all inputs/outputs and sensor readings
  • Intuitive menu navigation through function keys
  • Integrated USB interface for easy software updates
  • Driver assistance features for more process safety and comfort:

- Automatic header, thresher clean out program with adjustable times and weighing system trigger

- Radar seed detection sensors in the delivery tubes for faster cycle times. Sensors are used to operate all flaps based on material flow instead of preset times which allows for faster cycle times (option)

  • If a rear-view camera (optional) is installed, the camera image is automatically displayed on the combine main display when backing up.

Engine & drive

Powering the combine.

The Quantum Core plot combine features a state-of-the-art, high-performance, DEUTZ engine. This lightweight, but powerful engine is installed in the rear of the combine to keep the noise and heat away from the operator in the cabin. The engine is easily accessible via access panels on all sides and the top, making the daily routine check and annual service easy.

The newly developed radiator screen is easy to clean and prevents debris from obstructing the radiator fins.

With an eye on reducing carbon emissions, the Quantum Core is equipped with a diesel particulate filter and a diagnostics interface. This allows the engine to meet the latest emissions standard without a DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) system. A 26-gallon fuel tank ensures maximal runtime.

Thanks to the engine's low fuel consumption and the large fuel tank, you can complete a long day's harvest without refueling!


Performance features:


  • DEUTZ 2.9 l water cooled four-cylinder diesel engine
  • 75 HP / 55 kW power output
  • 240 Nm / 177 ft lb of torque
  • 100 l / 26 gallons fuel tank
  • DEUTZ worldwide service network

Smart ground drive options for maximum traction.

The WINTERSTEIGER hydrostatic ground drive allows for a driving speed up to 17 km/h (10.5 mph). Each wheel is equipped with heavy duty hydrostatic wheel hub motors for direct drive.


  • Permanent 4 WD – rear wheel assist
  • Permanent 4 WD – true 4 WD with 3 differential locks. Front to rear and left to right differential lock for best traction. Each wheel hub motor is supplied with a constant oil flow.

Power saving drive lines.

Proven efficient and reliable belt drives provide more power for harvesting compared to the heavy power snapping hydraulic alternatives used by the competition. On top of efficiency, they are easy to maintain and simple to adjust.

Threshing & cleaning

OptiFloww threshing unit and cleaning system.

As a result of ongoing and consistent development, the Quantum Core's OptiFloww header with belt feeder and OptiFloww high-performance threshing unit enable maximum throughput – even under the most difficult harvesting conditions. Difficult conditions such as a high percentage of straw, or moisture in the harvested material are no match for the Quantum Core’s OptiFloww threshing unit. The optimized material flow offers improved material flow and higher throughput at the same time.

OptiFloww threshing unit performance features:

  • Wide threshing drum speed range from 240 to 1680 rpm for gentle threshing of all crops
  • Powerful threshing drum with a diameter of 400 mm (15,7")
  • Large concave separating area for threshed grain due to a large wrap angle (117°) and drum diameter
  • Hydraulic adjustable concave clearance, operated from the combine main display
  • Low power consumption due to new square tube style beater drum
  • Innovative design and arrangement of the threshing and beater drum provide efficient material flow to reduce the risk of obstructing the machine
  • Concaves for all crop types (mesh intervals from 6 to 36 mm)
  • Concave is changeable from the side, without removing the header
  • De-awner bars for the 9 and 12 mm concaves for best results in barley

OptiFloww cleaning system.

OptiFloww cleaning system.

For the Quantum Core, optimization is key. So the Quantum Core’s separating and cleaning system with shaker and sieves are optimized to match the threshing unit's performance. Thanks to its long stroke and large drop, the shaker is highly efficient. Ball bearings in the swing arms of the shaker and sieves guarantee a long service life. Hydraulically driven axial blowers provide the high output necessary for the sieve system, and a laminar airflow in a space saving design. The step with the intermediate rake after the threshing case conveyor belt aids the material separation.


Performance features:


  • Cleaning system performance adapted to match the threshing system
  • Either single sieve setup or double sieve setup depending on focus, throughput, or purity
  • Swing arms hinged with ball bearings for extended service life
  • Concaves, shakers, and sieves available for all crop types
  • The sieves are easy to take out for cleaning or switching the machine to a different crop
  • The shaker sieve sections and sieves are interchangeable for using them in either position


Versions and accessories:


  • GRAEPEL shaker sizes up to 32 mm
  • GRAEPEL top sieves ranging from to 32 mm for all crop types, or an adjustable lamella top sieve
  • Bottom sieves for all crop types (round hole) ranging from 3 to 20 mm. Top sieves can also be used as bottom sieves
  • Pneumatic lamella sieve opening (optional) for the cleaning cycle to clear out any stuck awns (optional)
  • Grain loss sensor in the back of the machine for visual feedback about losses (optional)

Seed handling

High performance grain logistics.

1. Transport of the harvested material from the cleaning sieve box upwards
2. Grain separation airfoil separator
3. Weighing system
4. Interface sampler, side-mounted bagging
5. Pneumatic seed delivery
6. Transport to the grain tank
7. Transport to the sampler
8. Sampler

Efficient separation of the grain-air mix is crucial for the downstream process steps. Thanks to the patented airfoil separator, the grain can now be separated from the air in a gentle, fast and reliable manner in a compact space saving design. This innovative principle avoids circulating grain grinding and a downward airflow which could influence the weighing results. The same principle is also used in the airfoil separator for the in-cab sampler.

In 2-man harvesting without harvest data collection, the plot sample is bagged at the side. A double bag holder with a switch lever enables the operators to work quickly and ergonomically. The small, height-adjustable bagging platform is suitable for smaller plot samples of up to about 10 kg. A large platform is available for larger plots. An in-cab bagging system is available as an option.

The grain tank is a standard option and comes in 2 different sizes with 700 l/20 bu or 1100 l/30 bu. It is installed in the center of the machine for uniform weight distribution between front and rear axle. A flap in the bottom of tank allows for easy cleanout, additionally there is a compressed air coupler next to the grain tank door on top. It can be used for an air nozzle to aid the cleaning process.


Performance features:


  • Electronic fill level gauge and window to the cabin
  • Fast unloading speed to empty the whole tank in less than 2 minutes
  • Hydraulic foldable unload auger with an unloading height of 3.2 m (10’6”), optional 4.3 m (14’)
  • Easy cleanout for seed multiplication and foundation seeds harvest

Sample definition using a time-controlled sample flap allows larger, plot homogenous samples to be taken. Once a defined time has been set on the onboard computer, a sample can then be taken by the operator using the sampler in the cab. The maximum sample size of the time-dependent sample is 20 liters / 40 lbs. The repeat accuracy is approximately 5 %.

Sampling is performed in the cab, in line with the sample definition. At the push of a button, the operator can initiate sampling. Alternatively, a foot switch is available to trigger sampling, thus leaving both hands free for handling the sample. The sampling system works absolutely dust free and does not contaminate the cabin.

If the plot yield does not exceed 20 liters, the system can be used to bag the entire plot in the cabin.


Performance features:


  • Sample outlet placed ergonomically on the cabin back wall
  • Suitable for one- or two-person operation
  • Monitored sampling system
  • System will halt if sample is not discharged when the next sample is ready
  • Stepless adjustable sample volume up to 20 kg with a 5 % accuracy

Radar-based seed detection sensors can be installed in the pneumatic delivery tube to the weighing system, and from the weighing system to the sampler in the cab. The sensor readings are used to determine if there are still seeds flowing through the delivery tubes. Based on readings from the sensor, the different flaps are actuated. The advantage: flaps are operated based on real-time material flow and replace preset timer settings. Low yield plots move faster through the system than high yield plots, thereby lowering the cycle time based on the yield (optional).

The integrated sample storage located between the cab and the grain tank is an innovative and practical solution. It increases the Quantum's effectiveness enormously, without affecting the machine width and stability.


After bagging, using the convenient storage table, the operator puts the samples into a standard box. Recommended box available from WINTERSTEIGER is a 400 x 300 x 210 mm box. After filling the box, the operator opens a pneumatically operated sliding door in the rear of the cabin and deposits the box on the conveyor belt located behind it. The conveyor belt holds a total of 5 standard boxes. When the conveyor belt is full, the outer side door with rollers is opened, and folded down, so that the boxes can be taken off one by one by actuating the conveyor belt.

The Quantum Core sample storage can also accommodate other box dimensions, provided the box does not exceed 400 mm (16") in width and 220 mm (8") in height.

Filled bags used in the bagging process can also be stored instead of boxes. The bags are deposited directly on the conveyor belt and the procedure for filling and emptying the conveyor belt is the same as when using boxes.


Performance features:


  • 20 cu ft storage volume
  • Space for 5 boxes (12” x 16”)
  • Electric conveyor belt system for loading and unloading
  • Nothing sticks out to the side that would compromise the transport width

Weighing systems

Easy Harvest weighing and sampling software.

The Easy Harvest software is provided on a Windows tablet that is tied into the combine electronics as well as into the weighing system hardware. The full integration allows the operator to manage all weighing and sampling tasks in one application. Since Easy Harvest is connected to all sub systems of the combine, it adopts seed transport times on the fly to achieve the shortest cycles times possible.

The software provides the combine operator a clear understanding every step of the way in real-time how the grain is cycling through the machine.


Windows tablet for:


  • Weighing system data acquisition
  • Sampling system control
  • Sequential control

All in one software for:


  • Weighing system control
  • Harvest data acquisition
  • Sampling system control
  • Weight calibration wizard
  • Moisture calibration wizard
  • Generating field maps
  • Import/export of field maps
  • Visual feedback when it is safe to harvest the next plot

High-precision harvest data collection systems.

WINTERSTEIGER offers weighing and data collection solutions that are individually tailored to customer requirements. Here are the opportunities and benefits at-a-glance:



  W1 W1 PLUS H2 ClassicTM 
System 1 container 1 container 1 container
Number of weighing cells 2 2 3
Performance (plot yield x cycle time) Small and medium plot yields Small and medium plot yields Small, medium and large plot yields
Evaluation (plot weights of up to 15 kg)
Individual measurement Individual measurement Individual measurement
Evaluation (plot weights of over 15 kg) Individual measurement
up to 30 l
Individual measurement
up to 30 l
Multiple measurements
Weight measurement


+ +
Moisture recording   + +
Moisture measurement to grain moisture 40 % 40 % 40 %
Hectoliter weight measurement     +
Data transfer to NIR systems + + +
Use of Easy Harvest harvesting software + + +
Operation with other harvesting software + + +
Interface to other databases + + +
Continuous harvesting of long plots     +
Slope and motion sensor to reduce errors caused by vibration or movement of the harvester + + +
Weighing function for slope gradients of up to 10 % 10 % 10 %

W1 and W1 Plus

The new W1 and W1 Plus weighing systems, exclusively developed for WINTERSTEIGER by HarvestMaster, combines unrivaled precision and speed in weight and moisture measurement. The weighing system is based on unique measurement and grain handling technology. The compact and cost-effective system is designed to mount on the Classic Plus and Quantum plot combines. The system is capable of processing all common field crops. The W1 weighing system measures the weight only and the W1 Plus weighing system also determines the moisture content of your harvested material.


  Technical data:
Dimensions 38 cm x 46 cm x 48 cm (15” x 18” x 19”)
Capacity Up to 30.5 l
Weighing accuracy ± 45 g (± 0.1 lbs)
Moisture measurement Accurate to ± 1 %
Actuator Pneumatic
Temperature 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)
We reserve the right to make technical alternations. 

H2 ClassicTM

This very compact harvest data collection system is ideal for widespread use with all crop types. It will work equally well with low-volume harvested material and small yields, and large-volume harvested material such as corn. Thanks to the generously dimensioned weighing bucket, the vast majority of plots can be recorded in a single weighing process, which guarantees extremely short cycle times. The wide range of sampling options can also be controlled on the Quantum by using the Easy Harvest software to manage field plans and to store and export collected data.

Performance features:


  • Fast process times with no stops: Intermediate storage makes it possible to enter the next plot before weighing has even been completed.
  • Very fast measuring cycles
  • Ultra-precise thanks to optimized vibration compensation automated measuring of the plot weight, moisture level and hectoliter weight / test weight throughout
  • Fill-level detection enables automated multiple measurements for large plot yields (> 15 kg (30 lbs), "Strip Mode").

Harvesting sequence:


  • The harvested material is harvested directly into the weighing bucket.
  • Once the maximum fill level of the weighing bucket has been reached, the remaining quantity is stored in the hopper and weighed during the next cycle.
  • The weighing cycle is actuated manually at the end of the plot by pressing a button.
  • In the case of larger plot yields, the component weights are added.
  • The data is stored on the on-board computer.
  • If a sampler is activated, the sample is taken automatically; labels can be printed right away if desired.
  Technical data H2 ClassicTM
Weighing system
Dimensions (W x D x H) 380 x 460 x 480 mm (15 x 18 x 19")
Weighing bucket capacity Approx. 19 liters (0, 54 bu),
appr. 15 kg (33 lbs) in wheat
Moisture measurement capacity/
Test weight determination
2.3 liters or 1.2 liters
Measuring presicion
Weight Cycle accuracy: max. +/- 45 g (+/- 0,1 lbs)
Plot accuracy: max. +/- 45 g (+/- 0,1 lbs)
Hectoliter weight +/- 1.0 kg/HL
Moisture +/- 0.5 % or grain moisture 0 % – 27 %
+/- 1.0 % or grain moisture 27 % – 40 %
Speed/cycle time for 1 weighing process <= 6 sec
We reserve the right to make technical alterations.


Headers for maximum performance

Headers with OptiFloww technology.

The Quantum's OptiFlowW technology is the result of ongoing and consistent development of headers for plot combines. OptiFlowW enables the machine to achieve its maximum feeding performance, even under the most difficult of conditions. Lodged grain, heavy weed or grass growth, long straw, or bulky crops will not affect feeding performance. The split intake auger improves material flow considerably, especially in the case of rapeseed, and thus removes the need for special rapeseed headers. The compacting drum ensures that the material is compacted and aligned as it is handed over to the threshing unit.



OptiFloww header performance features:

  • There is a rounded step directly behind the cutting knife for improved material flow and effective protection against grain loss.
  • The split intake auger offers the best possible material flow and maximum feeding performance. In combination with the compacting drum, the harvested material is passed to the threshing unit lengthways. This substantially improves the efficiency of the threshing unit.
  • The driver has the best possible view of the cutting knife thanks to the split intake auger.
  • No intermixing due to effective pneumatic cleaning with compressed air
  • The large lift height (1050 mm) optimizes rapeseed and sunflower harvesting.
  • Modern hydraulic direct-drive mechanisms with a high level of efficiency
  • Quick-stop system for the complete header prevents the intake of foreign objects.
  • Skids for low and even cutting height equipped with fast adjustment mechanism


The driver has the best possible view of the cutting knife

Optimal material flow thanks to the split intake auger

Rounded step prevents grain loss

Corn header

Equipped with the corn header, the Quantum Core offers impressive performance harvesting corn plots.


Performance features:


  • Mix-free conveyor belt system outperforms any feeder house in terms of cleanliness and feeding performance.
  • Stable frame, and robust and proven picking elements
  • Loss-free harvesting and uniform, gentle feeding of the harvested material
  • Hydraulic adjustment of stripper platers in the cabin
  • Narrow design so that center plots can be harvested, even with tight spacing between rows


Versions and accessories:


  • 2-row: Row spacing of 60 cm (24") and 75 cm (30") are available. Other row spacing on request.
  • Rotadisc chopper or horizontal stalk chopper (optional) ensures clean chopping results
  • Additional equipment for sunflower harvesting (optional)

Row crop header

Row crop header

The row crop header is a cutting table for harvesting soya beans with large row spacing intervals. The flat angle of the picking elements and the conveyor belt ensure the careful intake of crops, a low cutting height, and optimum feed. The stone trap prevents the intake of foreign objects. Thanks to its modular design, the row crop header can be perfectly adapted to your needs and the respective soil conditions. The row units are floating but can also be fixed in place. Sturdy, height-adjustable or rotating skids are available for the smallest cutting heights, as well as side gauge wheels.


Performance features:


  • Modular concept (fixed/floating units, with carrying wheels/skids)
  • Adapts perfectly to irregularities in the terrain
  • The intake speed, reversing unit for feeder elements, folding crop divider, etc. can be adjusted from the cockpit whilst on the move

Configuration and accessories:


  • Row spacing: 76 cm (30”); other row spacing intervals are available on request
  • Side gauge wheels
  • Rotating skid plates
  • Rigid skid plates


Additional available options:

  • Straw chopper for even straw distribution
  • Grain flow monitoring for optimized cycle times
  • Rear view camera system, integrated on the main combine display
  • Multiple camera system to observe the grain cycling through the machine
  • LED working lights on each side and the rear
  • Foldable safety frame on top of the machine
  • Additional air tank
  • ...

Dimensions & Technical data


Quantum Core Quantum Plus Quantum Pro
Basic machine   
Engine DEUTZ 2.9l, Diesel, Tier 5, 55 kW
75 HP, 4 cylinder, water cooled,
240 Nm (177 ft lb) torqe
DEUTZ 2.9 l, Diesel, Tier 5, 55 kW
75 HP, 4 cylinder, water cooled
240 Nm (177 ft lb) torqe
DEUTZ 3.6 l, Diesel, Tier 5, 85 kW
115 HP, 4 cylinder, water cooled
500 Nm (369 ft lb) torque
Fuel capacity 100 l (26 gallons) 100 l (26 gallons) 150 l (40 gallons)
DEF capacity N/A N/A 10 l (3 gallons)
Radiator air inlet

Perforated surface

Rotating sieve Rotating sieve with pneumatic cleaning
Hydrostatic ground drive Permanent 4 WD, 4 WD with 3 diff locks 2 WD, 2 WD with diff lock
Part time 4 WD with 3 diff locks
Triangular tracks
2 WD, 2 WD with diff lock
Part time 4WD with 3 diff locks
Triangular tracks
Ground speed 17 km/h (10.5 mph) 25 km/h (16 mph) 25 km/h (16 mph)
Front tires

Tire size:

from 250/80-18 till 400/55-17.5

Tire outside width:

from 1440 mm till 1771 mm 

Tire size:

from 250/80-18 till 400/55-17.5

Tire outside width:

from 1440 mm till 1771 mm 

Tire size:

from 340/80 R20 till 405/70 R20

Tire outside width:

from 1875 mm till 1957 mm 
Rear tires

Tire size:

from 6.5/80-12 till 26x12-12

Tire size:

from 6.5/80-12 till 26x12-12

Tire size:

from 10/75-15.3 till 320/55-15
Ground clearance 250 mm (10") 250 mm (10") 370 mm (14")
Wheel base 2600 mm (102") 2600 mm (102") 2920 mm (115")
Plattform headers 1250 mm (49"), 1500 mm (59"), 1750 mm (69") 1250 mm (49"), 1500 mm (59"), 1750 mm (69") 1250 mm (49”), 1500 mm (59”), 1750 mm (69”), 2000 mm (78”)
Reel 4 or 5 bat 4 or 5 bat 4 or 5 bat
Cutting height  30 mm – 1050 mm (1.2” – 41”) 30 mm – 1050 mm (1.2” – 41”) 30 mm – 1095 mm (1.2” – 43”)
Corn header 2 row 60 cm (24") or 75 cm (30") optional with chopper 2 row 60 cm (24") or 75 cm (30") optional with chopper 2 row 60 cm (24") or 75 cm (30") optional with chopper 3 row 50 cm (20")
Row crop header 2 row 50 cm (20") or 75 cm (30") 2 row 50 cm (20") or 75 cm (30") 2 row 50 cm (20") or 75 cm (30")
Sunflower header 2 row 75 cm (30") 2 row 75 cm (30") 2 row 75 cm (30")
Grain collection and weighing system   
Bagging only  In cab or left side In cab or left side In cab or left side
Sampling Time defined in cab Time defined or volume defined in cab Time defined or volume defined in cab
Grain flow monitoring  N/A Radar sensors in conveying tubes Radar sensors in conveying tubes
Grain tank  700 or 1100 l (20 bu or 30 bu) 700 or 1100 l (20 bu or 30 bu) 1500 (40 bu) or 1700 l (48 bu)
Unloading height  3.2 m (10' 6"), optional 4.2 m (14') 3.2 m (10' 6"), optional 4.2 m (14') 3.6 m (11' 8"), optional 4.6 m (15' 2")
Weighing system W1+, weight & moisture
HM H2C, weight, moisture, testweight
W1+, weight & moisture
HM H2C, weight, moisture, testweight
W1+, weight & moisture
HM H2C, weight, moisture, testweight
Software Easy Harvest, Mirus Easy Harvest, Mirus Easy Harvest, Mirus
Tablet Mobile Demand Panasonic  Panasonic
Control system   
Combine monitor 5" color monitor 7" color monitor 7" color monitor
Cleaning cycle  Manual with push button on MUFU Fully automatic cycle Fully automatic cycle
Alley management N/A Fully automatic cycle Fully automatic cycle
Straw Chopper YES YES YES
Seed Grinder NO YES YES
Cameras YES YES




Length: starts at 5700 mm (225″) incl. header with crop divider
Width: starts at 1500 mm (59″, center row threshing), max. 2250 mm (89″)
Height: 2975 mm (117″)
Length: starts at 5700 mm (225") incl. header with crop divider
Width: starts at 1500 mm (59", center row treshing), max. 2250 mm (89")
Height: 2975 mm (117")
Length: incl. header max. 7330 mm (289”) with straw chopper and outer divider fitted
Height: 3200 mm (126”) without revolving warning beacon
Width of basic machine: 1620 mm (64”)
Cab width: 1800 mm (71”), 1880 mm cab roof (74”)
Weight Starts at 3900 kg (8600 lbs), incl. cab and header Starts at 3950 kg (8700 lbs), incl. cab and header 5900 kg (13000 lbs) top equipment incl. header


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