Rowseed S Single row seeders

Light single row seeder, tractor mounted.

Our WINTERSTEIGER single row seeders were specially developed for precise sowing of seed from a single ear and/or from single plants and thus support comparisons between ears or their progeny.


A variety of distribution systems allows for mix-free distribution of the seeds of a single ear within a row. The
modular system with its many options allows you to customize the machine for many different applications.


The XL and XXL frame variants also allow for a combination with a belted cone and thus drill seeding.




Transport width


Tractor mounted 3-point

1250 – 1750mm

(49” – 68”)

2000 mm (79”)

Starts at 400 kg

(880 lbs)

Your benefits summed up:

  • Easy and safe operations thanks to a clear-cut layout
  • Easy track width and row spacing adjustment
  • Wide range of applications thanks to a variety of feeding options such as magazine systems, central seed distributor, single funnel and the combination with belted cone for drill seeding
  • Seed placement for a variety of soil conditions thanks to a selection of opener systems

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