Tool Carrier,
self-propelled unit

Tool Carrier, self-propelled unit

Kompakte Maschine mit hoher Wendigkeit.

Tool Carrier

Tool Carrier, self-propelled unit

Kompakte Maschine mit hoher Wendigkeit.

The WINTERSTEIGER Tool Carrier is a self-propelled unit specifically developed for planting, applying fertilizer and crop protection to tilling of field trials. Its dimensions and low weight guarantee agile use in trial sites and make the machine easy to transport.



Powerful machine with hydrostatic ground drive.

  • Powerful yet quiet Kubota engine
  • Available in 2 WD and 4 WD version (optional)
  • High maneuverability and cross-terrain mobility due to its compact size
  • Optimal machine ground clearance
  • Easy to transport
  • Long service intervals thanks to high-quality bearings and components


A wide variety of attachments can be mounted to the front and rear using: 

  • Mounting frame
  • Front/rear hydraulics
  • Front/rear PTO shaft
  • Additional control devices


Modern, convenient operator platform. 

  • Operating elements are intuitive and easy to use
  • Tilt-adjustable steering column
  • Adjustable armrest with integrated multi-function lever
  • Comfort seat with individual adjustment options
  • Clear view ahead for the driver and operator of the seeder


Sowing system offers a range of options. 

  • Plot seeder or single row seeder with electrical belted cone drive for continuous adjustment of plot lengths
  • Automatic or manual funnel lift via GPS
  • Different sowing widths and opener systems available


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