Smart Feed
Automatic seed feeding system

Smart Feed Automatic seed feeding system

Smart Feed

Smart Feed Automatic seed feeding system

Smart Feed

Current challenges in the sowing of yield trials are currently high human workload for trial preparation and seeding in a very short time, lack of highly qualified personnel, human error in the whole lab and seeding process, no end-to-end documentation of the process or operator safety in the lab and on the seeder.


With the future of plot planting and seed processing this can be prevented – Smart Lab and Smart Feed.


Your benefits summed up:


  • Use of cell magazines for nurseries and container system for performance trials
  • Flexible randomization for performance trials through single container system


• Increased seeding speed of up to 5 km/h
• Maximization of seeding performance through process automation


Process traceability
• Automated scanning of containers enables plot based seed feeding documentation
• Based on the end-to-end documentation an error reduction and screening is given

User friendliness
• The operator focus is on process monitoring instead of the exhausting envelope feeding


Reduction of human error sources
• Due to the automation human error sources can be minimized


Container system reuseable for several years

Technical data

Smart Feed
Container volume Up to 200 ml
Cell magazines for nurseries Compatible with 1/4/6/12 magazins 
Capacity magazine tower 616 containers (60 ml – corn yield trial) 
Compatibility Plot Row Motion, Dynamic Disc Plus 
Max. driving speed Up to 5 km/h
Tracking options Datamatrix / RFID

Length: 1,7 m

Width: 0,8 m 

Weight: ca. 200 kg

We reserve the right to make technical modifications.

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