Classic ST

Stationary combine.

Classic ST stationary thresher

The Classic ST has the same tried-and-tested premium quality technology as the WINTERSTEIGER Classic family. The changeable concaves, shakers and cleaning sieves support deployment with any threshable crop. Pneumatic seed delivery and the plot clean out system guarantee mix-free threshing and fast clean out of the combine. As it is mounted on a trailer chassis with generously dimensioned tires and drum brakes, the combine can be easily transported between locations.


The machine is fed by means of a long or short in-feed table with conveyor belt to support a constant flow of material to the threshing drum.


The combine is driven either by a diesel engine or by an electric motor and is thus suitable for uses in closed rooms. Alternatively, the electrical version can be powered by a PTO-driven generator.


Classic ST for fine seeds.

The Classic ST is also ideal for harvesting seed increases. These include sugar beet seeds and vegetable seeds such as celery, parsley, dill, and carrots. These seeds are extremely small, so harvesting them is a particular challenge in terms of seed purity and machine cleaning.


WINTERSTEIGER has further optimized the Classic ST precisely for these specialized applications, resulting in a „clean harvester“. Many detailed solutions prevent even individual seeds from remaining in the machine. The concave, shakers, and sieves can be removed in just a few steps. Cleaning between different batches is significantly faster and easier thanks to simplified access, additional cleaning openings, interior lighting, and cleaning aids.

  • Best threshing performance combined with maximum purity
  • Very simple to operate
  • Easy to transport
  • Openings for cleaning the entire machine
  • Anti-static conveyor belts guarantee outstanding seed purity
  • Pneumatic seed transport including precise coverage of all edges and a clean out system guarantee threshing without mixing and rapid emptying of the machine

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