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Maintenance at repair shops

Skiservice im Fachgeschäft

It depends on the snow conditions, the terrain and your performance level as to how often you have your equipment tuned. Major base or edge damage should be repaired immediately.


WINTERSTEIGER recommends tuning


1. Prior to the first outing in winter

2. About every 4 days out on the slopes

3. And at the end of the season


With excellent tuning, the performance of your ski/board can even be adjusted to your skiing or boarding skills. Inform the service technician which skiing/riding style you prefer, which terrain you like best and what other problems you have. This way, the technician can adapt the tuning perfectly to your style!



The top, base and edges are wiped clean of any dirt, solvents, and excess wax.
Then the ski / board is inspected for any damage.


Base repair

Any nicks, gouges, or core shots are repaired and filled with base repair material.


Base grinding

The ski/board is then run across the stone grinder removing any minor damage and making the base flat and true. In doing so, tiny cuts are ground off and the base becomes true and flat. Now the base is able to absorb wax and the structures created are an important aid in gliding. This new structure also helps prevent suction and friction between base and snow. Your ski / board glides better and accomplishes the transition from edge to edge more easily. In addition, different temperatures and snow conditions require different structures - only the technician knows the right formula.


Edge grinding

Most ski and board edges are "bevelled" between 0 and 2 degrees: a continuous smooth surface is created. The revolutionary WINTERSTEIGER Ceramic Disc Finish machine is able to reproduce this exact edge for ultimate carving performance on the hill.



The last step in tuning is hot waxing. Hot wax impregnates the base, protects against damage and improves the gliding and turning properties of skis and boards.


Binding adjustment

Your binding has to hold when it should, and it has to release when it must. Your WINTERSTEIGER partner can check your boot/binding system with a computerized calibration machine to measure the recommended release values. An individually adjusted binding brings peace of mind that your bindings are adjusted correctly so you can enjoy your day on the hill.

Maintenance at repair shops

Preferably in a specialty shop where tuning with WINTERSTEIGER technology is available.

Ski or board tuning should only be carried out by a WINTERSTEIGER trained technician who understands your requirements. Unprofessional tuning can have negative effects and spoil your fun in skiing or snowboarding. Although manual tuning is possible, most specialty shops have now invested in modern high-tech machinery from WINTERSTEIGER which guarantees perfect bases, exact edges and optimum binding adjustment.


Regular ski / board tuning keeps your sporting equipment up to snuff and guarantees each run you take down the hill brings more enjoyment for you!