Stone Grinder | Year of construction 2014
Omega RS 350
The racing stone grinding machine for skis, snowboards and cross country skis.
The Omega RS350 features a 350mm stone that can be used for snowboards, or two split the stone for
high efficient ski tuning. This allows pre-grinding on one half of the stone and then follow up
immediately with fine grinding on the other half. Another positive aspect is the 100 memory slots to
store any program needed in the machine. For racing specialists, the Omega RS 350 also offers a
centering unit that supports easy and precise grinding of center specific racing structures (e.g. arrows
structures). Special features include a larger water pump and fine filter for better water management,
Split feed pedals for convenience and user friendly touch screen with all grinding parameters at your
208 220 volt, 3 AC
Located in Salt Lake City, UT Main Warehouse
FOR PRICING AND INFORMATION, contact: 800-277-7440