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DSB Singlehead NG XM

Flexible thin-cutting band saw.

Highest precision for maximum efficiency and flexibility. 


The DSB Singlehead NG XM is perfect for when changing demands require maximum flexibility. Numerous features make cutting wood possible even under the most difficult conditions – regardless of the wood type and application area.


The machine's intelligent design makes future capacity expansions child's play: A simple in-line extension of the band saw up to 6 machines allows for complete flexibility. The robust design and WINTERSTEIGER's decades of expertise guarantee

maximum machine performance and a quick reinvestment.


  • Robust block guide for a wide range of applications
  • High-tech saw control for the greatest precision
  • Maximum flexibility and efficiency
  • Cutting width of up to 350 mm or 660 mm respectively


Robust block guide for a wide range of applications

  • Driven feed rollers at top and bottom
  • Continuous, solid supporting table with special coating
  • Processing of any block characteristics


High-tech saw control for the greatest precision

  • Gentle saw blade entry for better cutting performance
  • Sensor-controlled saw monitoring
  • High-tech carbon guides

Maximum flexibility and efficiency

  • Optimized for wet and dry cutting
  • Designed for diverse applications
  • Extendable to up to 6 machines in-line


WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!