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DSB Singlehead 310/660

Single-module thin-cutting band saw.

Maximum flexibility in wood cutting.


If you are looking for maximum flexibility in the face of changing requirements, the DSB Singlehead 310/660 is exactly what you need. Numerous features support wood cutting even under the most difficult conditions – regardless of the wood types and uses involved.


The rugged design and decades of expertise guarantee maximum machine availability and a fast return on investment.


  • Unique block guiding for dry and wet cutting
  • Innovative sawing systems for highest precision
  • Unrestricted flexibility and efficiency
  • Cutting widths of up to 310 or 660 mm

Unique block guiding for dry and wet cutting

  • Driven feed rollers top and bottom
  • Supporting table entirely hard chrome plated
  • Processing of any block characteristics

Innovative sawing systems for highest precision

  • Long lasting high-tech carbon guide
  • Sensor-controlled saw monitoring
  • Structure cutting for individual surfaces

Unrestricted flexibility and efficiency

  • Lamella thickness from 1.3 mm
  • Maximum yield from the wood thanks to maximum precision
  • Designed for a variety of uses

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!