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DSB Singlehead 310/660

Single-module thin-cutting band saw.

The DSB Singlehead thin cutting band saw from WINTERSTEIGER is the ideal solution for unlimited applications in high-quality thin cutting.

Numerous features make the difference. For example a revolutionary feed system designed to ensure a continuous transport for any block conditions. Or the remarkable durability of the saw blade guides. These and many more new features make sure to have the ultimate operating efficiency when working with the new DSB Singlehead.


DSB Singlehead 660 – for even greater cutting width.

The DSB Singlehead 660 cuts lamellas up to a width of 660 mm, with a cutting kerf starting at 1.0 mm, and a lamella thickness of 1.3 mm. This is what distinguishes the machine from others, for instance when cutting wide plank flooring or panels.

Unique block guiding for dry and wet cutting

  • Driven feed rollers top and bottom
  • Supporting table entirely hard chrome plated
  • Processing of any block characteristics

Cutting-edge sawing systems for highest precision

  • Long lasting high-tech carbon guide
  • Option of straight or inclined saw blade position
  • Structure cutting for individual surfaces

Unrestricted flexibility and efficiency

  • Lamella thickness from 1.3 mm
  • Maximum capacity and optimized wood yield
  • For individual capacity requirements

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!