Automatic leveling machine

For band saw blades.

Automatic leveling machine

The stress on the saw blade during the cutting process makes the flatness of the saw blade change. To optimize the cutting process the next time the saw blade is used, it is recommended to level the blade during maintenance.


The leveling machine checks the saw blade surface for unevenness and levels both sides simultaneously in a fully automated manner. This process is carried out using pressure and counterpressure rollers that align the base material optimally again. In addition to being highly accurate and having a rugged design, the leveling machine is also very user-friendly and low-maintenance.


Technical Data:


  • Electronic control unit
  • Feed speed: 10 m/min
  • Accuracy: 0.001 mm
  • Saw blade length: 5,500 – 14,000 mm
  • Saw blade width: 60 – 300 mm
  • Saw blade thickness: 0.7 – 2 mm