TRC 1500, fully-automatic wood surface repair

Timber Repair & Cosmetics.

The injection unit of the TRC 1500 works in tandem with an application unit, significantly increasing capacity. It uses a special application system to fill smaller defects with filler, which is then subsequently rolled in. As before, larger defects are repaired using an injection unit. This results in an excellent price/performance ratio.


TRC 1500 also makes the automated repair of top layers possible for the first time.


Applications: top layers, engineered wood flooring, solid wood floorboards, finishing planed items, etc.


Wood dimensions:

Length: 500 – 3000 mm (19.68 – 118.11“) 

Width: 100 – 350 mm (3.94 – 13.78“)
Thickness: 3 – 30 mm (0.12 – 1.18“)

Your Benefits summed up:

  • Reduction in labor costs
  • Craft skills are no more necessary
  • Significant reduction of rejects due to perfect filling
  • Multicolour repair on the same board if necessary
  • Proper repair of defects on the edges
  • Harmless filler for people and the environment
  • The special injection process guarantees a perfect hold of the filling material in every area of the detected defect
  • Large defects are repaired in only one process
  • The elements can be stacked immediately after filler injection has taken place

WINTERSTEIGER’s experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

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