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Saws for special applications

FLEX-BACK Band Saw Blades

have hardened tooth tips with a flexible blade back and are manufactured in widths between 10 and 40 mm using a special process in our high-performance hardening plant: the tooth tips are hardened to 60 to 62 HRC and the body of the saw is tempered to 38 HRC. The hardness of the tooth tips results in a long service life even when used on hard materials whilst the flexibility and special tooth shape counteract reversed bending fatigue and the associated risk of breaking.


are used for hardwoods, plastics and frozen foods such as fish, meat or vegetables. FLEX-BACK saws deliver outstanding results when cutting softwood and hardwood logs, maintaining an accurate cut even after long periods of use. FLEX-BACK saws may even be used for simple metal-working processes. FLEX-BACK saws are hardened and at the same time resharpenable. Once the hardened area has been ground off they may be set and sharpened as usual.

Stellite-Tipped Band Saw Blades

are supplied in widths from 35 mm upwards.
They are used amongst other things for exotic hardwoods, GFR materials and abrasive materials. Borazon or special fused alumina wheels are recommended for resharpening.

Carbide-Tipped Band Saw Blades

are supplied in widths of 20 x 0.8 and 27 x 0.9 mm.
Due to the thickness of the blade they are used for special construction band saws for cutting gas concrete, bricks, hollow concrete blocks, etc.

Band Saw Blades for Processing of Plastics

are supplied in widths of 10, 16 and 20 mm.
In the FLEX-BACK version they have special tooth patterns, e.g. fretsaw toothing with 10 teeth per cm, specially designed for cutting thin plastics.