Ready and raring to go: 7 new apprentices at WINTERSTEIGER

7 apprentices recently started their working life at WINTERSTEIGER. With apprentice instructor Johann Hattinger, CEO Florestan Boxberg, Chief Financial Officer Harold Kostka, Chief Technical Officer Christian Rauscher, and apprentice instructor Christian Scharnböck (from left, photo: WINTERSTEIGER)

In August, 7 new apprentices began their careers at WINTERSTEIGER AG, where they will be trained as metalworking technicians and electrical systems engineers.


Everyone remembers their first day at work, and we hope that the new WINTERSTEIGER apprentices will remember theirs fondly. This apprenticeship marks the beginning of a completely new chapter in the lives of the young trainees – and from the company's perspective, their professional career with WINTERSTEIGER.


The best training.

At WINTERSTEIGER, these specialists of the future will receive the highest-quality training in all areas. The dedicated training workshop is equipped with the same machines as the production lines, meaning that true-to-life, practical training is possible right from the start. WINTERSTEIGER apprentices are fully prepared for technical college and the final apprenticeship exam: In the last 10 years more than 30 % have passed the final apprenticeship exam with distinction. WINTERSTEIGER also combines the apprenticeship with the Matura, the high school exit exam in Austria. Apprentices can start studying for this qualification from their second year of training. In their 3rd year of training, or from the age of 18, WINTERSTEIGER apprentices become mobile: They are allowed to accompany experienced service technicians on overseas assignments.

A particularly important milestone at the end of the apprenticeship is the final project, during which the apprentices develop a project or a machine over the course of several months that will eventually be used on the production line at WINTERSTEIGER. This project guides them through the entire product-development process and at the end is presented to the management board, foremen and other senior personnel.


And the best-possible environment.

Away from the training package, the working conditions are also important. WINTERSTEIGER occupies a central location in the middle of Ried and has excellent transport links – Ried train station adjoins the company premises.

In addition, WINTERSTEIGER apprentices can buy the “Jugendticket-Netz”: A season ticket that is valid for all routes run by OÖVV, the region’s public transport association, even during school vacation periods. Further benefits of becoming a WINTERSTEIGER apprentice include a variety of perks, such as lunch in the company canteen, fresh fruit provided for free every day, and discounted gym membership. Christmas celebrations, company parties, skiing trips, and company sports activities complement the day-to-day working life and ensure an excellent atmosphere at the firm.


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