ÖSV team launch bid for medals with WINTERSTEIGER equipment

Toni Giger (Head of R&D at ÖSV), Markus Gandler (Sporting Director for Cross-Country/Biathlon at ÖSV) and Martin Pfurtscheller (ÖSV Service Technician) help load the three WINTERSTEIGER racing service machines.
Photo credit: Spiess

Since the beginning of December, a container with three WINTERSTEIGER racing service machines has been making its way from the ÖSV (Austrian Ski Association) Centre of Excellence in Tyrol to the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. The machines from the Austrian ski service specialists will grind both the bases and edges of the skis from the ÖSV athletes. After all, the perfect finish is vital if they want to get their hands on those Olympic medals.


After its composition, the finish is the most important quality criterion that guarantees good sliding properties in a ski – far more important than whatever wax is being applied. Amongst other factors, the perfect finish varies depending on temperature, snow consistency, and humidity. That's why the three racing service machines sent over in the container – one Omega RS 150, one Race NC and one Micro – could contribute quite significantly to the success of the ÖSV athletes at the Olympic Games. The skis will receive their last and most important grind shortly before the games in South Korea, designed to produce the perfect finish for the prevailing weather conditions at the time.

One Omega RS 150, one Race NC, and one Micro were placed in the container. Photo credit: Spiess

20-year partnership between ÖSV and WINTERSTEIGER

“Since 1998, WINTERSTEIGER has been exclusively responsible for supplying the machines we use for working on the structure and edges of our skis for the Alpine and Nordic disciplines,” says Toni Giger, Head of Research and Development at ÖSV. WINTERSTEIGER technology would have an important role to play any sporting success, as WINTERSTEIGER and athletes are constantly working together to research, develop, and improve. “Our intensive collaboration has helped us to create innovations that should contribute to us being able to maintain our position as the leading skiing nation in the future. These WINTERSTEIGER machines mean that we are in the position to equip our team in South Korea with the optimum equipment for all weather and snow conditions,” boasts Toni Giger in reference to the partnership with WINTERSTEIGER.


“We don't see ourselves only as sponsors, but as partners to the Austrian Ski Association,” says Daniel Steininger, head of sales SPORTS at WINTERSTEIGER AG. Many areas of the business, such as R&D and technical customer service for example, are involved in this cooperation. Several projects that were realized by working with ÖSV have already been incorporated into series production. That means that it's not only the athletes who benefit, but WINTERSTEIGER customers too. “We're looking forward to more exciting years of working with ÖSV. We wish the ÖSV team the best of luck in South Korea and hope they return with plenty of medals!“ says Steininger.



Racing service machines, Bootdoc and Hotronic insoles.

Since 1998, WINTERSTEIGER has been the exclusive provider of ski service machines for the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV). This partnership between ÖSV and WINTERSTEIGER is not, however, restricted to machines. In 2016, WINTERSTEIGER kitted out a truck with equipment for the biathletes. Since 2011, ÖSV athletes have been provided with Bootdoc insoles. And since 2014, “cold feet” have been a thing of the past for the ÖSV coaching team thanks to Hotronic footwarmers.

World market leaders in ski service and Rentals.

Based in the Upper Austrian town of Ried im Innkreis, WINTERSTEIGER AG is a world market leader in service and rental services for skiing and snowboarding. Sports retailers, rental outlets, reputable ski and snowboard manufacturers, and leading national ski associations all place their trust in the system solutions and first-class service offered by WINTERSTEIGER.


Names such as Atomic, Blizzard/Nordica, Croc, Dynastar/Lange, Elan, Fischer, Head, K2, Kneissl, Rossignol, Salomon, S.K.I. (Sport 2000 and Flüge.de-Sprungski), Stöckli, and Völkl are all benefiting from WINTERSTEIGER's cutting-edge technology. Along with the ÖSV, WINTERSTEIGER also works with the national ski associations of Germany, Canada, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the USA.


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