Destroying (corona) viruses and bacteria in the air and objects without chemicals: WINTERSTEIGER presents drying equipment with plasma technology

Drying locker for work apparel with Sterex technology

Eliminates up to 99.9 % of harmful microorganisms in the air and on objects, and without any chemicals: WINTERSTEIGER, the Upper Austrian special machinery and plant manufacturer, is attracting attention with a new generation of drying equipment. In addition to other bacteria and viruses, the new WINTERSTEIGER drying equipment also eliminates corona viruses using plasma technology.


With the next generation of drying equipment, WINTERSTEIGER is setting a new benchmark not only in terms of aesthetics, haptics, and function. The use of the environmentally friendly and non-toxic plasma hygiene technology is an absolute novelty on the market. Sterex plasma technology eliminates up to 99.9 % of all viruses, bacteria, and fungi without the use of toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals – in the air and on surfaces. SARS-Cov-2, colloquially known as corona virus, can also be destroyed by cold plasma. Sterex hygiene technology is also effective against multi-resistant germs, known as hospital germs. Hospital germs are bacteria that infect patients in hospital during an inpatient stay and outpatient treatment, as well as residents in nursing homes. All newly produced drying equipment is now optionally equipped with Sterex technology.


Hygienic drying in step with the times

Due to the increased sensitivity regarding hygiene, the innovative Sterex process represents significant added value, while also protecting the environment. Hygienic drying and the neutralization of unpleasant odors are particularly important for (winter) sportswear and work apparel – the main application areas for the Drytech drying equipment. With the new generation of drying equipment, WINTERSTEIGER is presenting a product that has been ideally adapted to today's requirements.


How does Sterex plasma technology work?

In simple terms, this complex chemical process can be outlined as follows: Air is charged using an electronically controlled electrode at high voltage to create a plasma-air mixture. Ions, i.e., electrically charged particles, then destroy viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the air and on objects without any chemical additives.


Eliminates up to 99.9 % of harmful microorganisms

Depending on the type of equipment, a disinfection effect of up to 99.9 % can be assumed. This value refers to microorganisms in the efficacy groups A and B as specified by the Robert Koch Institute. Group A mainly concerns bacteria, fungi, and fungal spores. Efficacy group B covers viruses, including the coronavirus "SARS-CoV-2". The Sterex technology also reliably removes unpleasant odors from clothing and work apparel. Disinfection is carried out without the use of toxic or environmentally harmful chemistry. It presents no risk to health.


Scientifically tested and certified process

The process has been thoroughly tested, therefore ruling out any risk of the ions attacking healthy cells or flora. Sterex is also harmless to textile fibres or other objects. While a high degree of antimicrobial efficacy was noted, the hydroxyl radicals have absolutely no detrimental effect on higher organisms and humans. On the contrary, contact with cells of higher organisms causes the radicals to decompose catalytically to water. The effectiveness of disinfection with the Sterex technology has been confirmed by Dr. Ulrich-Friedrich Schmelz. Ulrich-Friedrich Schmelz is the head of the competence center for technical hygiene and applied microbiology, Dr. Schmelz GmbH in Malsfeld, Germany.

Finally, the new system is also maintenance-free and does not require any chemical additives.

Professional drying and hygiene systems make an essential contribution to maintaining the health of each individual. With the new generation of drying equipment, WINTERSTEIGER is once again underlining its innovative strength.


For more information, visit: wintersteiger.com/sterex


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