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High-quality solutions for the cycling industry.

Expand your range of bicycle services with bike washing systems, and more from WINTERSTEIGER!

WINTERSTEIGER: The ideal solution for every industry

WINTERSTEIGER offers a versatile portfolio of efficient products for the bike industry. Our products such as washing systems are used by specialty retailers, local communities, and tourism companies, to name but a few. The product offering is rounded out with software for sustaining efficient management of bike rentals as well as repair and servicing.


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The WINTERSTEIGER product range

Cyclist numbers are constantly increasing, resulting not only in rising bike sales, but also the demands on bicycle repair shops, tourist destinations, hotels, rental shops, and other related industries. But what do cyclists need from them? The option to clean their personal bikes, or quickly and easily rent equipment. 

Businesses that provide extras, like drying solutions for sportswear, are even more valuable. WINTERSTEIGER offers products and services for all cycling needs.

Four advantages of WINTERSTEIGER Bike Services

Whether you want to offer attractive add-on bike services or streamline the bike rental process, WINTERSTEIGER has the right solutions for you. Benefit from the following:

Fully customizable

Bike washing systems, software solutions, and our other products can be combined to meet your individual requirements.

Convenient & environmentally friendly

Our cleaning and storage systems for bikes offer convenience for your guests. The bike washing systems are also extremely environmentally friendly.

Exceptional quality

Countless awards are testament to the outstanding quality of WINTERSTEIGER's portfolio.

Custom services

We offer attractive financing options tailored to your individual needs.

WINTERSTEIGER: A reliable partner for many industries

WINTERSTEIGER solutions have proved their worth many times over across a variety of sectors.

Bike shops & bike rental

Easyrent assists repair shops and bike rental businesses with all their daily tasks, from data entry through to the rental process.

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Tourism, resorts, and hotels

As a value-added service for cyclists, a bike wash station will set you apart from your competition. WINTERSTEIGER has everything you need.

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Towns and communities

Put yourself on the map as an attractive tourist destination by placing bike washing systems from WINTERSTEIGER in locations often frequented by cyclists!

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Sports retail

Expand your service offering at your locations with bike washing systems and software and drying solutions from WINTERSTEIGER. 

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