Fall – the perfect time for a bike ride

man und frau benutzen velobrush waschanlage.

Get out and enjoy those golden days of fall on your bike and marvel at the brightly colored leaves. And if your bike happens to get really dirty after an action-packed ride, we have the ideal solution for you: Our Veloclean Pro and Velobrush bike wash stations!  With our wash stations, you can get your bike shiny and clean again in no time. Whether it's mud, dust, or grime – our bike washing systems clear away even the most stubborn dirt and make your bike look like new again. 

Downhill and enduro bikes have a rear-end suspension with bearings that are especially susceptible to damage if the water pressure is too high during cleaning. And the same applies to the pedal bearings and headset, of course. That's why we use eco-friendly low-pressure technology in both our Velobrush and Veloclean Pro.
With the Velobrush, bikes are "watered" from above. Mechanical brushes made of soft plastic provide a gentle clean and guarantee bikes get a spotless wash. We only use high pressure nozzles to clean the rims in the lower section of the bike, so even tough dirt in the treads is eliminated.
With the Veloclean Pro, we use warm water to loosen dirt. This means the system can work with low pressure and is easy on bearings, mounted parts, and e-bike batteries.

Both bike wash stations use various filters and oil separators, so you don't have to worry about how dirty water will affect the wastewater system. A crucial part of this is using the WINTERSTEIGER cleaning agent, which has been tested for environmental compatibility.