Easyrent performs better

Starting in the forthcoming season, Scheiber Sport and Intersport Riml in Obergurgl and Sport4You in Sölden will be working with Easyrent. Each of the three clients will utilise a system of software modules, functions and interfaces precisely tailored to their rental needs – the main argument for switching to Easyrent.


Scheiber Sport, Obergurgl: source of errors turned off.

Scheiber Sport has been working with Easyrent rental software via 32 workstations at four networked branches since the summer. First impressions were very good, with a range of rental items soon being processed through Easyrent. For Reinhard Scheiber, interfaces to the Skirentalresorts and Skiset online booking systems are the biggest advantage: “We used to have to enter data manually, which was laborious and prone to mistakes. Now that everything is automatically copied across, we have fixed this source of errors.”

Electronic signature pads also make the process easier, putting a final end to the need for storing large amounts of paper. The signature pad stores data to the Easyrent database and makes it possible to find rental documents quickly (using a binding setting, for example).

Intersport Riml, Obergurgl: excellent support from the Easyrent team.

Intersport Riml has equipped 20 workstations at five branches with Easyrent. IS Riml makes use of online reservations, while interfaces to lift ticket sales and the inventory control programme have been set up. With its straightforward yet sophisticated functionality, the new interface to the Adverics inventory control system is clearly the favourite Easyrent advantage.

IS Riml also emphasised a positive partnership with the Easyrent team: “Installation and induction was outstanding. The service is extremely reliable too, we can get help straight away,” says Manuel Eztelsberger from IS Riml.

Sport4You, Sölden: up to the minute information.

Year after year, Sport4You offers customers top quality new rental goods. This year, Sport4You also upgraded its rental software: 25 workstations at three branches were equipped with Easyrent this September. All branches are interconnected and offer WINTERSTEIGER online reservations. Data replication takes place every three minutes, ensuring information is always up to the minute at every branch.

The company only decided to opt for Easyrent this summer. “At first we thought about putting back the changeover for another year so as to give ourselves more time. But everything worked out very well and we started using the new software on schedule on 1st October,” reveals Konrad Holzknecht, Managing Director of Sport4You. For him, additional functions such as the interfaces to the inventory control system, lift ticket sales and the payment terminal were the main reasons for choosing Easyrent – although reliable service from the WINTERSTEIGER team was another big plus. “From the very first discussions to installation, induction and support, we knew we were in very good hands.”