BOOTDOC – Perfection down to the tips of the toes

BOOTDOC Benjamin Karl (Snowboard), Andrea Limbacher (Skicross) and Matthias Mayer (Ski Alpin)

Around 80 athletes from the alpine, cross-country, biathlon, Nordic, ski jumping and snowboard national teams came to the large Olympic Hall in Innsbruck on October 10. Many athletes took advantage of the opportunity to have their own custom-fitted BOOTDOC insole made – FF S9 or Performance R9, depending on the discipline.


Based on the precise foot analysis made with the Podoscope, the BD experts crafted the thermally formed ski boot insoles. After grinding and filing, the insole fits the foot perfectly and the foot fits perfectly in the ski boot. Energy is transmitted optimally so that no strength is wasted. This is particularly important when every hundredth of a second counts!

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