New Alliance to Expand Center of Excellence Ski Service Center

WINTERSTEIGER & Swix to increase involvement with Toyota US Ski Team


With the aim of providing the right resources for athletes who are inspired to be the Best in the World, the Toyota US Ski Team is excited to announce a new, cutting-edge alliance between Swix, the US Ski Team, and WINTERSTEIGER. Based at the Center of Excellence in Park City, Utah, this cooperative effort will bolster the sport of ski racing through a reimagined ski and boot service education platform.


This project will begin as a set of new protocols and an updated ski & boot service facility that will be available to the USST athletes at the COE, but will quickly evolve into a domestic standardized ski and boot service system that will help minimize the “equipment variable” in all athletes’ progression regardless of where they choose to have their equipment serviced.

The service center “lab” will be where best practices are developed, defined, updated, and first implemented with US Ski Team Service staff.  Once refined and established, these training procedures will be conveyed to all USSA athletes, coaches, performance shops, and academies through a training and certification platform.


“At the World Championships, we were reminded that fast skis and precise edge tuning are a must to compete at the highest level. That is why we partnered with WINTERSTEIGER to use the new Jupiter. This machine provides the latest in 3-D base structuring, and their v-edge technology for custom edge work. It will definitely make a difference for our team.”  - Jesse Hunt- Alpine Director, US Ski Team


Ski and boot service education to USSA members will include in-depth training about ski tuning safety, ski audits, ski flattening and structure, edge bevels, and waxing. Additional modules will identify common troubleshooting and performance adjustments such as binding position, base bevel measurement, structure interpretation, and appropriate wax usage. This framework has already proven to be relevant to the US Ski Team, and development level athletes in particular, when deployed by Toyota US Ski Team partners WINTERSTEIGER and Swix. 

Join us on social media for additional updates to this new program and to learn more about regional efforts to support equipment preparation at places like the Speed and Tech venues at Copper Mountain. As an accreditation program is finalized and training seminars are announced, this will be the best way to hear about it. Links to all of WINTERSTEIGER’s social media can be found here: https://linktr.ee/WINTERSTEIGERus