A clear profit jump for WINTERSTEIGER 2016

In the past fiscal year of 2016, the WINTERSTEIGER Group has reached its highest value in company history, with an operating performance of 145 million euros. Its before-tax profit has increased by 33 %. The group turnover stands at more than 140 million euros.


In 2016, the development of the SPORTS business field, which represents the largest area of WINTERSTEIGER's business by accounting for more than 40 % of its sales, was very encouraging. With more than 60 million euros in sales and growth of more than 5 % compared to the previous years 2014 and 2015, once again, WINTERSTEIGER was able to significantly increase its leading position. Despite a stagnating overall market, in 2016 the company successfully achieved significant growth in important markets in both the Alpine region and North America. Positive development in Italy, Switzerland and the USA was particularly notable. In 2016, the division's return on sales was also boosted once again.

In 2016, the WOODTECH business field also experienced significant positive development in sales and earnings. Sawing machine and tool business was stable, while numerous international projects in the wood repair and cosmetics and automation systems segments carried out in the last year contributed to a significant increase in sales and earnings.


Despite a continuously challenging market environment for agricultural machinery, in 2016 WINTERSTEIGER was still able to maintain its leading market position in the SEEDMECH business field and to improve its earnings compared to the previous year. In the past financial year, the successful international launch of the new QUANTUM combine harvester marked a significant milestone in the technological development of its product range.


In 2016, business figures in the METALS business field, which primarily focuses on plant engineering and construction, were characterised by the successful realignment of this business sector. Order intake rose by 25 % compared with the previous year and by the end of the financial year the order backlog had more than doubled. In 2016, business development in Asia was especially positive, with significant expansion of the Shanghai location.


In the AUTOMATION business field, operating performance remained at a high level throughout 2016.

As of December 31, 2016, WINTERSTEIGER employed 893 people worldwide; 3 % less than a year earlier. At the end of 2016, the parent company WINTERSTEIGER AG in Reid employed 529 people, a one percent increase on the previous year.

With a further increase in sales, equity and total return, in addition to an equity ratio of over 50 %, WINTERSTEIGER remains a stable group of companies.


Since its foundation in 1953, WINTERSTEIGER has concentrated its focus on innovation and technically sophisticated machines and systems. Today, the group is a market leader in three of its five business fields. Continued development, expansion and adaptation of our existing portfolio to meet ever-changing customer requirements and market conditions are therefore the focus of our efforts in the areas of business development and R&D.

Overall, in 2016 WINTERSTEIGER invested approximately 8 % of sales in research and development.


In the current year of 2017, the board of management anticipate that both sales and earnings will continue to gain momentum.

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