Cubusan for six-year-old heart-transplant patient


Fate has been particularly unkind to the Hofmann family. Their son Veit was born healthy and had a sheltered start to his childhood on a farm in Aspach with his four siblings. However, at 2.5 years old, Veit’s health problems began. As a result of bronchitis, he developed myocarditis. A daunting diagnosis followed: Veit was suffering from an irreversible enlargement of his heart as well as arrhythmias. His condition was so bad that he had to be put on a heart-lung machine. Meanwhile, he also suffered a stroke. A heart transplant was crucial, which he then received in Vienna. This was the start of a lengthy recovery process.

Since then, Veit has already received a lot of treatments and still requires intensive care. To avoid rejection of the new heart, his immune system is suppressed with drugs to this day. To help the now six-year-old and his family, the association “A Smile for Children” donated four Cubusan air purification cubes. After two years of homeschooling, these were placed in his siblings’ classrooms to minimize the risk of infection. Veit received the fifth air purifier from the Management Board of WINTERSTEIGER AG. “We currently use your device in our living/dining room and it makes us feel reassured. We’ve had positive feedback from the schools so far,” Michaela Hofmann is pleased to report. This Cubusan will then accompany Veit when he goes to school next year.

We wish Veit all the best and in particular good health!