Velobrush The bike wash station for fully automated cleaning.

Easy cleaning. With minimal water consumption.

Bicycle components, the electronics on e-bikes, and sensitive high-tech carbon frames need to be cleaned extremely gently. One reason why manual cleaning has typically been favored for top-quality bikes – until now! The WINTER­STEIGER Velobrush can be used to gently clean all types of bikes using low pressure and a gentle brush technology. It offers time savings and makes the cleaning process easier – in both ­service workshops and professional bike rental stores.


Innovative cleaning concept.

The Velobrush impresses with its innovative concept using horizontal rotating brushes. An independent cleaning unit ensures tires and rims are cleaned. Fully closed system with attractive exterior protects against over-spray and ensures the work area stays clean. The integrated powerful filter ­system reduces water consumption to a minimum.


The bicycle is fed into the machine via an ergonomic transport carriage. The system is equipped with wheels for use as a mobile station, or it can be used in a stationary position with the integrated feet.

Your benefits summed up:

  • For both indoor and outdoor professional use
  • Capacity of up to 25 bikes per hour
  • Fully closed system protects against over-spray
  • Low-pressure technology and horizontal, rotating brushes clean thoroughly and gently, as is needed for e-bikes, high-tech frames, and sensitive bicycle components
  • Professional high-pressure tire and rim cleaning
  • Extremely low water and energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly and professional treatment and disposal of waste water
  • Pleasant, ergonomic working height

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