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Dynamic Disc - Pulltype

8-row precision spaced planter.

The Dynamic Disc was specially designed to meet very high performance requirements for precision spaced planting of field trials. The specifically for seed research developed and patented seed metering unit provides exact seed placement and a very high planting capacity.

¡El experimentado personal de ventas de WINTERSTEIGER le ayudará con gusto a diseñar una solución que se adapte a sus necesidades!!

  • Sturdy basic frame with eight planting rows and a fold-up drawbar
  • Planting speed of over 4 km/h thanks to a highspeed planting unit
  • The WINTERSTEIGER slotted disk system achieves optimum seed spacing independent from seed size or weight (TSw)
  • Absolutely no seed mixing between plots
  • Best germination thanks to careful handling of seeds
  • Very accurate depth control by the openers and excellent seed placement precision
  • Seed placement recorded for every plot
  • Easy to use thanks to its Easy Plant planting software, which is intuitive and has a user-friendly interface
  • Compact dimensions (L/W/H): 6650/2460/2520 mm (262/97/100“)
  • Weight: 4,700 kg (10400 lbs)
  • Many additional features available: cable winder, GPS control unit, micro-granulate spreader, etc.