If you're looking for variety, have a passion for thinking ahead, and want to carve out a career for yourself, welcome to WINTERSTEIGER! Welcome to an international company that's based in Upper Austria but active all over the world. Say 'Bonjour' to a machine and plant engineering concern that's world number one in three of its four business areas. Or 'Ciao' to an SME with a high production depth and a fascinating variety of products. In a nutshell: Welcome to an employer who simply offers you more opportunities.


Let's work together and transform needs into solutions!

WINTERSTEIGER is renowned as a company with high demands. After all, our mission is nothing less than to transform the needs of customers from across a wide variety of sectors into perfect solutions. Which is why we research, develop, and produce to the highest possible standards. Which is why we work exclusively with the very latest tools, processes, and structures. Which is why we need the very best people. People like you.

Future employees like you know that a highly diversified company such as WINTERSTEIGER simply offers more opportunities for your personal development. And that individual success is always a matter of common values, teamwork, and an open-minded attitude towards new ideas. 


Furthermore, you justifiably expect your future employer to use online tools to keep you fully informed, even during the decision phase. This is the task we're dedicating ourselves to in this section of the website. It's for school leavers, students, young professionals, and anyone who already has some professional experience. 


You've nothing to lose!

For WINTERSTEIGER, every application is hugely important. Including yours. After all, by submitting your application you're signaling a fundamental willingness to engage with us in plotting your future career path. This is a vote of confidence that we greatly appreciate. From our standpoint, we too have an idea of how the two of us might develop and the direction we could take. It's our values that will point the way. Firm beliefs that as far as we're concerned are non-negotiable. 


We take the initiative, act with foresight, and align ourselves with our goals, react with flexibility to external influences, make informed decisions, and take responsibility. We define our future.



  •  Active, flexible, adaptable, and open to new ideas: that's the WINTERSTEIGER creed. Change is embraced through deliberate organizational development measures and targeted growth by company acquisitions.
  • We are trailblazers in the implementation of 'agile product development'
  • Our production revolves around continuous processes where agility and an ongoing process of renewal ensure we remain competitive.

Customer Focus

Everything we do has to provide value for the customer. We are constantly striving to understand the needs of our customers and to make decisions based on those needs.


  • Sales and various specialists from Product Management and Engineering keep close to the market so they can pick up the customer needs of today (and tomorrow) and develop innovative solutions. Example: Ski rental of the future
  • WINTERSTEIGER employs an in-house team of developers to realize individual customer requirements – especially in the SEEDMECH Division. Check out our Newsfeed for more information.
  • Every year, WINTERSTEIGER runs a large number of training courses for its customers. These include ski servicing, snowboard servicing, and bootfitting. The courses begin at entry level before progressing to advanced courses and a racing service. The program also includes bespoke training sessions, where the WINTERSTEIGER trainer visits the sports retailer to ensure that everything in the ski service workshop is spot on. 

Innovative Spirit

We are open to new things and want to grow. We have the courage to tolerate mistakes and uncertainty and accept them as part of the development process.


  • As a pioneer in the sector, we implement agile product development to create an efficient, customer-focused culture of innovation.
  • Agility is firmly anchored as a methodology in our development projects and is overseen by agile coaches.
  •  We work closely with high schools and outsource stimulating projects. 


We are responsible for building personal credibility and trust-based relationships. Trust can be earned; it is gained through character and competence.


  • At WINTERSTEIGER, trust begins with confidence in the abilities and the potential of every one of us.
  • We allow our specialists to work autonomously with an appropriate level of accountability and room for maneuver.
  • Regular appraisals consolidate and develop the foundation of trust between line managers and team members.
  • This ability to rely on each other is also very important to us in an external sense. We aim to develop stable and long-term partnerships with business partners, suppliers, and customers. In the SPORTS Division, for example, we are already supporting the second generation of sports retailers and watching their grandchildren grow up.


Everyone deserves to be appreciated for who they are. We don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Our appreciation is expressed in the language we use and the decisions we make.


  • Every member of the WINTERSTEIGER family is critical for the success of the company.
  • Our appreciation is reflected in attractive social benefits, flexible working hours, and ongoing investment in the training and professional development of our employees.
  • Employees with exceptional potential receive additional support from the WINTERSTEIGER Support Program. This dedicated talent management program was specifically developed for WINTERSTEIGER and provides a first-class training platform.
  • Long-service awards: Employees celebrating a significant anniversary with the company are presented with an award at the Christmas party. 


We are honest with our words and transparent in our actions. We keep an open mind when confronted with different perspectives, ideas, and suggestions.


  •  Information is distributed in a transparent manner via the WINTERSTEIGER intranet; the Group Journal and the News Flash also provide regular insights into the numerous activities of our various divisions and international sites.
  • A particularly open conversation culture is cultivated in the appraisals, where a joint review of the previous period is carried out and targets agreed for the next one.  
  • WINTERSTEIGER is open to visitors. School classes and groups of students are taken on guided tours to learn more about the company. Our neighbors and other interested parties get a glimpse of what we do during the "Langen Nacht der Lehre/Forschung" [The Long Night of Teaching/Research] or on our Open Days.


We believe that we can achieve more together than any of us could individually.


  • We encourage a sense of community at the departmental level and across the company as a whole through the message "Only together are we strong".
  • We initiate and support leisure activities (company events such as in-house sports, skiing outings, taking part in the Ried Town Run, celebrating the success of a project, our Thursday meet-ups, etc.)
  • The WINTERSTEIGER Support Program enables young colleagues and line managers to learn from and with each other.


You have to be with us to grow with us!

With our four divisions and the high production depth, WINTERSTEIGER not only offers a huge variety of career perspectives, it also offers attractive entry opportunities. Regardless of whether you're a school leaver, a student, a young professional, or someone who already has some professional experience: everyone who joins us is involved right from day one and benefits from simply more opportunities.


Apprentices at WINTERSTEIGER get their professional careers off to a flying start. Fueled by a sophisticated training concept that opens doors to the future in both a professional and personal sense. 


Students use their internships to gain valuable experience and useful career pointers. Practical skills add to their knowledge, whether as part of a work placement, a dual study course, and/or a thesis.

Young professionals

Young professionals come to us to start their careers and rapidly find themselves realizing their potential.

More experienced pros

More experienced pros will discover new ways at WINTERSTEIGER of furthering their development and igniting the next stage of their careers.

Once you've sent us your application, you can expect an initial response from us within two weeks. If it's positive, this is then what happens:


It'll soon become clear during the first interview whether we're a good match. To put it another way, we're checking out the chemistry and our mutual requirements and expectations. You'll experience a discussion in a pleasant atmosphere and on equal terms.


If the first interview looks promising, you'll be invited back for a second, where we'll go into much more detail. You'll learn about WINTERSTEIGER in its entirety and get to know your future department and colleagues. It's at this stage that you'll begin to notice the importance that we place on openness, camaraderie, and mutual trust. 


In the third stage of the process we really get down to the nitty-gritty and discuss your contract of employment. Before you sign on the dotted line, we'll go through the contract with you point-by-point and answer any outstanding questions.


As soon as you've signed the contract, it's "Welcome to WINTERSTEIGER!"


Welcome Aboard!

A good start is a job half done, as Aristotle might have said. If nothing else, getting off on the right foot in our company establishes a solid foundation for a long and successful partnership. So it's for this reason that we've prepared a structured, three-part onboarding process for you, which comprises the following:

Hello to the WINTERSTEIGER Welcome Day

The Welcome Day always takes place on the first working day of the month. Ideally, this will also be your first day with us. You'll learn about some important organizational matters, receive your onboarding folder, clear up any outstanding questions and much more besides. Your line manager will also be there to meet you, as will your mentor, who'll be by your side for about 3 months.

Start of the WINTERSTEIGER Induction Week

The Induction Week begins on the day after the Welcome Day. Your roadmap through this week takes the form of an induction schedule comprising some mandatory and some voluntary training sessions. 


On the Company Day, you'll be welcomed by a member of the Management Board and then given an overview of the divisions, markets, and strategy of WINTERSTEIGER. By the end of the day, you'll know everything there is to know about our company and will finally be ready for take-off!

It's easier to predict the future if you're helping to shape it. At WINTERSTEIGER, you'll get the support you need and the freedom you require. This naturally applies to every phase of your life that's impacted by your decision to join us. Irrespective of whether you're an apprentice, a school leaver, a student, a young professional, or someone who already has some professional experience. What you can always rely on from WINTERSTEIGER as an employer is to be motivated and encouraged to see the bigger picture, in other words to simply expect more:

No matter what your role is at WINTERSTEIGER, our wide range of activities means that no one day is like any other. Take our service engineers, for example: they travel all over the world, using their skills and knowledge to solve all sorts of complex problems. 

To help your talents and interests to flourish, WINTERSTEIGER gives you as much freedom as possible to fulfill your remit as you see fit.

As an Austrian SME with four different divisions and an international focus, WINTERSTEIGER provides the perfect backdrop for you to develop your technical and managerial potential. 

Our structured talent management process will nurture your individual strengths. After passing through the selection procedure, you'll have the opportunity to use the WINTERSTEIGER Support Program to focus on the development of your career in line with your special talents and accelerate its progress.

Non-stop development along the right track is the secret to lasting success. This is true for both you as a person and us as a company. And it's why WINTERSTEIGER places such a huge amount of emphasis on individual training and professional development. Which makes this a good moment for a tip: to further your career aspirations, take advantage of the range of third-party courses on offer, our own internal program in the WINTERSTEIGER Academy, and our structured talent management process! 

As a top employer, WINTERSTEIGER fosters a good working environment. And in this regard, it's our benefits that make a real contribution, as we see them as an additional reward for your outstanding performance.

Leading the way in benefits as well

WINTERSTEIGER is known as a demanding employer that expects a great deal from its staff. More specifically: the best. You'll naturally have equally high expectations of us. You can count not only on an attractive pay package, but on many other amenities as a way of thanking you for all your hard work. The range of benefits extends from an above-average number of professional development opportunities, through the staff restaurant and in-house sporting activities, to our Social Fund for supporting employees and their families who have fallen on hard times. 



In-house employee restaurant with varying lunch menus (always including a vegetarian option).


Food allowance


WINTERSTEIGER employees receive a subsidy for lunch.




Hot and cold snacks, as well as sweet items, are available in the restaurant and from vending machines.




Coffee, tea, and cold drinks are available in the employee restaurant, from the vending machines, and in the coffee room.



We'll help you get your vitamins with our readily available fresh fruit.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle


Various sporting activities as well as presentations on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness opportunities


Discounted membership to a local gym.

Company physician


Available regularly for consultations and there to provide vaccinations and workplace evaluations.

Mental health


We offer rapid support and arrange free therapy sessions where necessary.


Promoting a healthy lifestyle


Various sporting activities as well as presentations on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Employee events


Regular company parties (e.g., summer party, Christmas party, celebrations for completed projects), the annual ski trip, and traditional company sports activities to promote great team spirit.

Fun corner


Company sports competitions in four disciplines with great prizes for the winners, as well as numerous meeting areas in company premises.

Educational leave/career breaks


It is possible to take a leave of absence to pursue further education opportunities or a career break/sabbatical during an existing period of employment.

Flexible working hours


Flexible working hours for both clerical and manual workers.

Working from home


Our official working from home guidelines give you the opportunity to work from home.

Company cars


Dependent on position. We also offer pool cars for business trips.

Company cell phones


Company cell phones that may also be used as personal phones.

Employee laptops


Many of our employees work on company laptops, which may also be used for non-work-related activities.



Our offices are designed to be as accessible as possible – structural changes are made whenever necessary.

Mentoring programs


Individual training schedules and support provided by specific colleagues or the whole team.



Parking available directly in front of the company premises or areas around the site.

Public transit


Only a few minutes' walk from the train station and bus stops.

Training and professional development


Induction phase including training schedule, annual performance review where personal training measures are agreed, WINTERSTEIGER talent management program to promote specialist and management careers, company-specific sales academy, as well as opportunities for experiences abroad in subsidiary offices.

Employee benefits


Use of various services or reduced rates and discounts through our partners.

Benefit E-Auto Wintersteiger

Staff loans


We offer loans at favorable rates of interest to our employees.

Employee incentives


Performance-based reward scheme, as well as employee bonuses (e.g., for recommending new employees or for successfully completing projects).

Supplementary insurance


Collective accident insurance for business trips, as well as discounted supplementary health insurance through our partner.



We have founded our own charity to support employees and their relatives in difficult personal situations.


Vehicle allowance


Our apprentices receive a free annual “Jugendticket-Netz” card, which is valid on all OÖVV transport routes.

Employee gifts


Free ski grinding day, Christmas gifts, gifts for special occasions (e.g., weddings or birth of children), as well as an above-average birthday bonus.

Career paths – as colorful as life itself

At WINTERSTEIGER, you don't have to stay in one department for years – we promote you and your strengths. If you want to change your career, there are SIMPLY MORE OPPORTUNITIES. The best examples are colleagues who confirm this.

Peter Hofpointner

SEEDMECH Sales Manager in Salt Lake City, USA


"I began my career at WINTERSTEIGER in March 2002 as an unskilled worker, after dropping out of polytechnic college halfway through my second year. I was able to start my apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer in August, and I went on to complete my training with distinction after 3 ½ years.

Emanuel Miskovic

From mechanical engineering apprentice to the support team for Easyrent rental software


“I started with the Matura high school leaver's exam in the second year of my apprenticeship, and I was firmly convinced that this fantastic professional development was the way to advance my career.

Marlene Gründlinger

Targeting an accounting career even while still an office clerk apprentice


“At the end of April 2021, after my third year at college, I quickly turned to accounting. I was immediately involved, mostly taking on work from a colleague who startet her parental leave. 

Emanuel Mayringer

SPORTS Area Sales Manager & Key Account Manager Racing


"I started my apprentice not completely by choice, but the fascination of skiing in an international company already appealed to me as a 15-year old boy and was my motivation. 

Simply the best employer

Institutions recognize the creative ideas and innovative strategies that we use to provide the best possible working conditions and career opportunities for all our apprentices and employees:


  • 2020: "Top Employer" award from trend, kununu, and Statista
  • 2020: Award for family-friendly company, "berufundfamilie" category [career and family]
  • 2019: "" seal of approval as a top employer
  • 2019: "Top Employer" award from trend, kununu, and Statista
  • 2018: "HR-Award" in bronze for outstanding ideas and innovative projects in the category: Strategy, Leadership, and Personnel Development
  • 2017: "Top Employer" award from trend, kununu, and Statista
  • 2013, 2016, and 2019: "INEO" award from the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce [WKO ÖO] for the exemplary commitment to apprenticeships