• Smart Feed
    Automatic seed feeding system
  • Smart Lab
    Automatic seed processing line
  • Quantum Pro
    The new dimension!
  • Quantum Core
    Your entry in modern field trial technology!
  • Split NH
    Powerful harvest of two plots in one operation.
  • Easy Breed
    Plant Breeding Software
  • Drone Delair UX 11 AG
    Efficient and precise rating.
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  • Dynamic Disc Plus
    Accurate precision spaced planting for the highest performance.
  • Plot/ Row Motion
    Electric drive plot drills
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WINTERSTEIGER is the world's number one in field research equipment and has established itself at the top of a niche market which will continue to gain significance in future. The big challenge faced by agronomists and plant breeders is introducing new developments that make a decisive contribution towards sustainable food and energy supplies for the world.


WINTERSTEIGER offers complete solutions for the entire sowing and seed cultivation process. The WINTERSTEIGER "one-stop-shop" concept provides customers with everything they need from a single source. As application specialists, Wintersteiger's process expertise and proactive services along the entire value chain delights our customers.


The product range includes: plot and multiplication combines, plot forage and silage harvesters, plot seeders and planters, software solutions for data management and note taking, fertilization and crop protection equipment, as well as laboratory equipment.

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