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WINTERSTEIGER develops, manufactures, and distributes saw blades that have been hardened and tipped with carbide and Stellite® for timber, foodstuffs, and metal.


WINTERSTEIGER saw blades are optimized for specific applications and the material to be cut, providing our customers with optimum results cost-effectively and with extremely high quality.




At the WINTERSTEIGER Sägen GmbH production site in Arnstadt, Germany, we offer band saw blade servicing using high-quality CNC wet grinding machines and both automated and manual straightening centers. Our specialist staff monitor each individual step of the process. This allows us to ensure that the band saw blades are prepared to the highest level of quality.



Our broad product portfolio:


  • Thin-cutting saw blades
  • Joiner saws
    for all types of cutting in the narrow range; blade widths of 6 to 50 mm
  • Narrow band saws
    for use in the sawmill; blade widths of 27 to 55 mm
  • Resaw and log band saws
    for use in the sawmill; blade widths of 50 to 260 mm
  • Food saws
    for use in the food industry, such as cutting fresh meat with bones, frozen meat, fish, and vegetables; blade widths of 16 to 25 mm
  • Metal saws
    for a variety of applications that involve cutting metals (tubes, profiles, shafts); blade widths of 6 to 41 mm
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