Band saw blades for wood, food, and metal

All of our developments are distinguished by a holistic, well thought-out, and sustainable approach to the future. For example, our factory in Arnstadt was extended to 6,800 m2 in 2018 and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. 65 employees manufacture band saw blades with blade widths of between 6 and 260 mm – including around 5 million meters of resaw and log band saw blades per year. Our customers also receive a comprehensive full service of their band saw blades. 5 automated straightening centers and 60 CNC grinding machines ensure perfectly levelled and sharpened band saw blades – we even pick them up and deliver them back to the customer after they have been serviced.


The band saw blades, which are designed and optimized for specific applications, guarantee the best results with maximum quality and cost-effectiveness.