WINTERSTEIGER After Sales Service.

Support starts where delivery ends.

The best time for assessing the quality of an investment is in the many years after its delivery. Therefore WINTERSTEIGER has established a global after sales service.

Installation and training


WINTERSTEIGER ensures both with its experts world-wide and of course on site.




We provide continuous support to quickly optimize the profitability of the machine for our customers.

Proactive maintenance


Maintenance and preventive active replacement of pre-defined wear parts at firmly defined times (e.g. during company holidays) which also helps to keep maintenance and repair costs to a minimum.


Contracts for consumables and saw blades


These agreements enable us to plan our annual requirements in advance and save costs which of course we pass on immediately to our customers.

Other benefits


  • Just-in-time delivery of saw blades
  • Availability at short notice
  • Warehousing of saw blades by WINTERSTEIGER


Helpdesk on call service

This service underlines our high level, global service commitment to our partners and ensures first-class support even outside our normal business hours.