Automation & Plants


Decades of expertise in the cutting of high-quality lamellas and sawn veneers have also allowed WINTERSTEIGER to mature into a specialist in upstream and downstream machining processes.


Nowadays, fully automated feeding of a thin-cutting band saw or a thin-cutting frame saw in addition to automated subsequent processing of the cut lamellas is an important part of an efficient overall system.


Here too, WINTERSTEIGER follows the success model of “everything from a single source” with well-thought out solutions. If customer-specific production systems are needed, then the automation expertise of the WINTERSTEIGER group – provided by VAP-WINTERSTEIGER GmbH – is at hand. WINTERSTEIGER and VAP Gruber Automations provide automatic thin-cutting band saw systems and special systems for multi-layer products, as well as automatic timber repair systems for restoring timber surfaces with the TRC (Timber Repair & Cosmetics) product line.



Customer-oriented engineering.

Expansion, modernisation or optimisation of existing systems.


In the merry-go-round circuit system, the wooden blocks move around the thin-cutting band saw fully automatically until they have all been resawn. The thin-cutting band saw detects when the first wooden block comes back around and runs automatically as required until all the wooden blocks have been through the saw once. Now all the machine operator has to do is remove the finished veneers.

The merry-go-round is very stable and reliable.


All WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting band saws can be retrofitted.



When stacking wooden lamellas, the distance between the bars, the number of bars per layer, and the repeatability of the positioning has a signifi cant infl uence on the drying results. Manual stacking is a very time-intensive process that results in increased labor costs.


WINTERSTEIGER has developed a solution that allows this process to be automated. A customized separation process allows for even spacing of the X-Stack bars. The distance between the bars can be adjusted as required. WINTERSTEIGER has created a fully automated system by combining X-Stack bars, automated separation, and customer-specific automation. The separation unit can also be implemented as a standalone solution.


Your benefits summed up:

  • Reduced staff workload
  • Increased yield due to precise stacking quality, accuracy and speed 
  • Cost reduction through improved drying



Product information (PDF)


Thin-cutting band saws in series connection.

DSB Singlehead Shuttle

Three DSB Singlehead thin-cutting band saws connected in line with a Shuttle feed system. This customized thin-cutting line can cut large-format timber blocks with a maximum block height of up to 520 mm and a minimum lamella thickness of 2.5 mm. Block transport by means of a Shuttle system with vacuum holder is particularly advantageous for this special requirement. The system is also impressive due to its solid construction and its flexibility in terms of application, execution and configuration.


Technical data:


  • Block height up to 520 mm
  • Block lenght up to 3000 mm
  • Block width up to 310 mm (660 mm)



WINTERSTEIGER, as a leading producer of machines and sawblades, offers you the best possible solution wherever there is a need for a precise cut with minimum cutting loss.

Whether for the splitting of honeycomb cores for the lightweight constructions, cork or graphite - the WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting technology will inspire you.