WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting band saw machines - minimum kerf for
maximum profit!

Perfect for engineered flooring, furniture, windows, doors and many more

WINTERSTEIGER is known for advanced thin-cutting technology that is used worldwide in the production of lamellas.

As a world market leader in this field, WINTERSTEIGER offers a machine portfolio that offers the perfect solution to all applications and industries - convince yourself:


With the WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting brings the timber requirement will be reduced by up to five truck loads of timber per day!

Faber-Castell produces around seven million colored, lead and cosmetic pencils every day, making it the largest pencil maker in the world.


For the manufacture of these products, the company has previously required a daily quantity of 23 truck loads of pinewood.

In order to significantly increase the efficiency in the production of pencil slats, Faber-Castell has invested in a 4-module band saw with high-speed function.


With the WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting band saw machine the timber requirement could be reduced by up to five truck loads of timber per day!


This wood- and the associated cost-saving is made possible by the high-precision WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting. Faber-Castell was also convinced by the feed speed of up to 40 meters per minute and the possibility of processing two wooden blocks in parallel.



Your profit: up to 40% more timber yield!


Picture left side:

Commonm cutting technology waste afflicted due to insufficient precision.



Picture right side:

WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting with minimal cutting loss and highest precision!