Resaw and log band saws

For use in the sawmill; blade widths of 50 to 260 mm.




  • German high-grade stainless steel
  • 41 to 43 HRC strip steel hardness
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • From softwoods through to even the hardest types of wood



  • Uddeholm steel UHB 15
  • 44 to 46 HRC strip steel hardness
  • Outstanding operating and cutting performance, precision and durability
  • For the most demanding wood processing applications, from softwoods through to even the hardest types of wood



Band saw blade service

For resaw and log band saw blades from a blade length of 4,500 mm and for blade widths from 50 to 260 mm.

At the WINTERSTEIGER Sägen GmbH production site in Arnstadt, Germany, we offer band saw blade servicing using high-quality CNC wet grinding machines and both automated and manual straightening centers. Our specialist staff monitor each individual step of the process. This allows us to ensure that the band saw blades are prepared to the highest level of quality.


Our service portfolio includes:

  • Cleaning the band saw blade
  • Ensuring that the teeth are parallel and aligned
  • Sharpening, tensioning, straightening
  • Upset-forging
  • Stellitizing
  • Welding the saw blade
  • Logistics solution for pick-up and delivery service


Through the professional preparation of the band saw blades, we guarantee that your blades will be finished to the highest standard, leaving with you the perfect tool for your cutting process.