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Practice makes perfect

Internships are regarded as a vital part of young peoples' education. At last they get a chance to put theoretical knowledge into practice, gather first experiences and establish first contacts in professional life. As a student-friendly company, we value the support of committed interns greatly, because it gives us the chance to bring new ways of thinking into our company.

HR Development/Marketing
Teléfono +43 7752 919-0

Summer placements


Like to earn some extra money over summer? Then WINTERSTEIGER could be the right place for you! Every year we have placements available over the summer vacation. These placements are mainly based in assembly, mechanical production, electrical assembly, quality management and maintenance, or are located at our subsidiary VAP Automation GmbH. The places are highly sought after, so we recommend getting your application in between September and January. You must be at least 15 years old to apply.

Work placement 


Would you like to gain some practical experience to add to the technical knowledge you have acquired during your studies? WINTERSTEIGER has partnered with many schools and higher educational institutions to offer a number of excellent opportunities to discover interesting career paths. Innovation management, product management, supply chain management and engineering are fascinating, ever-changing areas that are just waiting to be discovered. Every year we give three to eight placement students the chance to show what they can do. Join us to discover your potential!

Seit Anfang des Jahres 2018 werden Produktentwicklungsprojekte mit Hilfe einer agilen Methode abgewickelt. Eine vorangegangene Bachelorarbeit zeigte Barrieren auf, welche diese agile Entwicklungsmethode bei WINTERSTEIGER negativ beeinflussen. In weiterer Folge wurden Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung erarbeitet und eingeleitet. Ziel ist es, mit dieser Methode die vorgegebene Qualität, zeit und Kosten eines Projekts einhalten zu können. Die Möglichekeit der Beurteilung nach diesen Parametern erfordert es, die Projekte messbar und vergleichbar zu machen.


Ihr Aufgabengebiet:

  • Mitarbeit in agilen Teams
  • Erarbeiten von messbaren Größen, an denen die Parameter Qualität, Zeit und Kosten eines Projektes gemessen werden können
  • Bewertung der aktiven und abgeschlossenen agilen Projekte bei WINTERSTEIGER


Ihr Profil:

  • Studium mit Schwerpunkt Innovations- und Produktmanagement oder Projektmanagement
  • Kenntnisse in den Bereichen agile Methoden und Produktionsentwicklungsprozesse
  • Hohe soziale Kompetenz sowie Moderationskenntnisse


Wir bieten:

  • Praktikumsdauer ca. 3 bis 5 Monate (auf Basis Vollzeit)
  • Arbeitsort Ried/Innkreis (OÖ)
  • Bruttomonatsgehalt bei 38,5 Stunden/Woche € 1.440,00
HR Development/Marketing
Teléfono +43 7752 919-0

Ihr Aufgabengebiet:

  • Implementierung eines Wuchtmodels in die B&R-Maschinensteuerung.
  • Eigenständige Mitarbeit bei der Entwicklung eines Auswerte-Algorithmus, unter Beachtung der integrierten Sensorik und Mechanik in den einzelnen Bearbeitungsmodulen.


Ihr Profil:

  • FH/UNI mit Schwerpunkt Mechatronik, Automatisierungstechnik und/oder Softwareentwicklung/Elektronik.
  • Kenntnisse der B&R Steuerungswelt.
  • Erste Erfahrungen im Umfeld eines Produktionsbetriebes wünschenswert.
  • Kommunikationsfähiges Englisch.
  • Selbständige Arbeitsweise, Einsatzwille und Lösungsorientierung.


Wir bieten:

  • Praktikumsdauer ca. 6 Monate (auf Basis Vollzeit),Beschäftigungsausmaß variierbar.
  • Zeitraum Oktober 2019 – Februar 2020 oder Februar 2020 – Juli 2020
  • Bruttomonatsgehalt bei 38,5 Stunden/Woche € 1.439,12 (laut KV).
HR Development/Marketing
Teléfono +43 7752 919-0

First impressions count!


It is important that we can develop a clear picture of our applicants:

  • A letter of application (incl. preferred specialist area and time frame for the internship)
  • a CV with a photograph
  • educational and professional references

are all essential for your placement application.


Ready to start your placement? Send your application to or use our online application form.

Praktikanten 2018

Matthias Blum, Maschinenbau, FH Wels

"Bei meinem Praktikum messe ich die Auswirkungen unterschiedlicher Parameter auf die Zerspankräfte wie Schnittkraft, Vorschubkraft und Passivkraft beim Bandsägen von Holzwerkstoffen. Dabei untersuche ich verschiedene Holzarten und Sägegeometrien an den unterschiedlichen WINTERSTEIGER Sägemaschinen. Am Ende meiner Arbeit kann ich eine fundierte Aussage darüber machen, welche Holzart mit welcher Säge an den unterschiedlichen Maschinen am leichtesten aufzutrennen ist.


Ich sehe mein Praktikum als wichtigen Übergang vom Studium ins Berufsleben, wo ich Messungen aktiv durchführen kann und nicht nur Berechnungen anstelle. Das Arbeitsklima ist sehr gut. Ich erfahre viel Wertschätzung und habe mich von Anfang an wie ein Kollege gefühlt und nicht wie ein Praktikant."

2018 placement students

Stefan Ensfellner, innovation and product management, FH Wels

“I sent a speculative application to WINTERSTEIGER, and they offered me the chance to work in the patents department. My work is all about ensuring the proper steps are taken with respect to inventions and protecting intellectual property, developing an awareness of patents, identifying patentable content and searching for solutions to patent issues. I am also producing a draft of the “invention notification” and get to delve into exciting patent research.


The internship at WINTERSTEIGER is an excellent chance to experience first-hand how a company operates and get a feel for such a complex field at the same time.”


Severin Kothbauer, international logistics management, FH Steyr

“I'm working on 'Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)', in other words stock that is managed by suppliers. I am analyzing the potential for such a system at WINTERSTEIGER and the end of my placement I will make a recommendation as to whether outsourcing stock management is worthwhile and if so, how it could be implemented.


I work with supply chain management and strategic purchasing; the level of support I get from my managers is spot on. I work largely independently, but we regularly feed back to one another and consult together. At WINTERSTEIGER all the placement projects available are described in detail on the website. It's really useful information for us students, since if they weren’t offering an area that was appropriate for me there’d be no need for me to apply. Not many companies do it so professionally.”


2017 placement students

Julian Hamernik, studying wood technology and forestry, FH Salzburg

“My placement focuses on the optimization of thin-cutting bandsaws. We research the factors that have an effect on the service life of the saw blade.


As a large, international concern, WINTERSTEIGER AG has a well-defined structure, and processes and targets are clearly defined. You get the hang of it very quickly. I'm doing my placement on a voluntary basis as part of my master's thesis; the fact that WINTERSTEIGER is so flexible about my working hours means I can easily fit my placement around my studies.”


Anna Seiringer, studying to be a development engineer in mechanical engineering, FH Wels

“For my placement I work in the engineering department of SEEDMECH, which means I get to work on field research equipment. We research the factors that influence grain moisture measurements.


The best thing about my placement is that right from the start I was allowed to play a real part in the project team and take part in discussions with customers and suppliers. This has allowed me to gain some valuable input for my undergraduate dissertation.”


Martin Hargassner, studying to be a development engineer in mechanical engineering, FH Wels

“I chose the placement at WINTERSTEIGER because the topic really interested me. I work in the engineering department, simulating the hardness of weld seams.


The main focus of the placement is precisely defined, and everything is well thought out. Now at the end of my placement, I am exactly where I wanted to be. And I also had time to start writing my dissertation. The support from the rest of the team and the working environment are excellent. I can definitely see myself working in product development once I have finished my studies.”