Beyond Machines: Merchandise Market Launch.

1995: Franz Gangl auf der Messe ÖSFA

Grinding stones, grinding belts, ski tighteners, file holders are just a few of the accessories and fixtures for ski service workshops that WINTERSTEIGER has been selling since 1989 – and with great success.  The “Accessories” business area was set up at the request of then company owner Rainer Bartram and today is an important, steady source of revenue.

Product lists – catalog – online shop.

Franz Gangl, who is now the Marketing Director for the entire WINTERSTEIGER Group, had the first Sports accessories catalog produced in 1994. Under the motto “Eyes and ears on the customer”, his successor Josef Aigner continues to develop the line of accessories every year based on customer needs.


In 2016 the company took an important step toward modernization in the form of the WINTERSTEIGER online shop, and now 2,000 customers from six countries regularly order via the B2B webshop. In parallel to this, every year WINTERSTEIGER publishes a 160-page catalog in eight versions for Austria and Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Norway/Sweden, the USA, Canada, and for various export countries.


Currently the range includes 1,400 items and the Accessories division makes a turnover of 12 million euros. This represents 46,000 packages delivered to customers around the world per year.

Accessories catalog 1995 - 2002

Accessories catalog 2007 - 2023