Logistikzentrum St Martin

Logistics center in St. Martin: An important WINTERSTEIGER outpost

Screws, grinding stones, combine seats, the list goes on… Everything is stored in St. Martin and delivered to Ried as required. It became increasingly difficult to operate the main warehouse on the company premises due to the central location of WINTERSTEIGER's headquarters right at the heart of Ried, and the decision was therefore made to relocate. Since 2010, most of WINTERSTEIGER's warehousing activities (from assembly supply to spare parts and merchandise shipping) have taken place at the WINTERSTEIGER logistics center in St. Martin. BOOTDOC commercial items for boot fitting – e.g., foot analysis systems, insoles, and sports socks – were added in 2011.


Facility extension completed in just 4 months

Working in cooperation with the warehouse lessor, Angleitner GmbH, allowed WINTERSTEIGER to flexibly adapt to the increasing requirements. An additional facility was added in 2011, thereby guaranteeing an efficient material flow with optimized routes. The construction phase began in early June 2011, and was followed by completion and operational handover in September. The team was up and running in the new facility at the start of the 2011 winter season – just as planned.


WINTERSTEIGER logistics in figures

The total storage area in St. Martin now stands at roughly 10,000 m2. The space is divided into the assembly supply & spare parts area at around 6,500 m² and the merchandise area encompassing 3,500 m². In total, around 50 colleagues work at the site in St. Martin to ensure the flow of materials for WINTERSTEIGER. Of these, 36 team members take care of the approximately 750,000 picks required for assembly supply each year. Fourteen colleagues are employed in the merchandise and spare parts area, and in the high season they work in two shifts to ensure the dispatch of approx. 46,000 packages to our customers. In total, the warehouse contains around 70,000 different items.

Logistics team St. Martin