25 years of company sport at WINTERSTEIGER

Winner of the team competition/ladies. From the left: BR August Wimmer, Laura Langmair, Chairman of the Board Florestan Boxberg, Elisabeth Hueber, Lisa-Maria Greinegger, Board Christian Rauscher, Johanna Wiesner, BR Karl Bachinger, Dorit Höfler

WINTERSTEIGER recently celebrated its 25th company sports anniversary. The company sport was initiated by works council chairman Georg Ibinger, who organises the 4 competitions skiing, bowling, indoor rifle shooting and dexterity for WINTERSTEIGER every year with his team.


160 employees took part this year and showed a lot of sporting spirit. For this reason, the company management also supports the company sports events financially. At the award ceremony in the Bauernmarkthalle there was a trip worth 2,000 euros to win in addition to the goods prizes worth 16,000 euros. Christian Meislinger, who took part in 95 out of 100 competitions in 25 years, was particularly honoured.

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