NEW: Energy-efficient drying using condensation technology

Drying lockers in a technical operations center

A city office in Schleswig-Holstein recently equipped its social rooms with WINTERSTEIGER's new condensation drying technology. 209 of the highly energy-efficient drying lockers were assembled and dry the wet work and work clothes of the road maintenance, sewer cleaning, waste disposal, winter road maintenance and garbage workers.


Superior technology: economical, fast and hygienic.

Condensation drying is very efficient and achieves energy savings of up to 60 % compared to current products on the market. The lockers require less than 9 kW of power. Another big advantage of the new technology is the independence of the drying result from the room temperature: the drying cabinets can be placed in untempered rooms (up to 5°C) and the clothes are dried in only 1 – 4 hours. In addition, hygienic drying in the cabinet reduces germs and neutralises odours.


The solution that can do more than dry.

The practical lockers are equipped with separate glove and boot nozzles and a special clothes hanger for work clothes. The cylinder lock can be extended at any time by an electrical locking system and linked to a time recording system. The central control unit of the lockers allows easy programming of the desired drying cycles, in which, on the one hand, the clothes can be dried after work and, on the other hand, preheated in the morning before the shift starts.


Are you interested?

WINTERSTEIGER will put together a drying solution for you that is precisely tailored to the size of your team and your activities: individual glove and boot dryers – both as open wall dryers and as closed drying lockers – right through to the complete furnishing of the social room.

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

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