German Ski Association: Second location – second Race NC

Race NCNew Race NC stone grinding machine for racing skis at the DSV in Oberhof

The German Ski Association (Deutscher Skiverband or DSV) has moved its Nordic skiing headquarters to Oberhof and invested in an additional Race NC stone grinding machine for racing skis. The original location in Bad Reichenhall remains in use – Kurt Jostl primarily prepares jumping skis there. In Oberhof, Christian Beetz concentrates on cross country skis under the guidance of Enrico Heisig, head of the technology center.


The grinding structures are developed as a team and in close collaboration with the technicians and athletes. After the joint development process, the grinds go through a special testing program that is quite complex and takes a whole year – only then are the results used for a serial grind.


In the most modern cross-country skiing tunnel in the world with 2 km a loop trail, testing and training can be done under ideal conditions and with constant snow quality all year round. In addition to the DSV teams, many other national teams also use this hall.





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