Innovative 3D foot scanner from BOOTDOC at Sport 2000 Simon, Saalfelden

Thomas Hutter at Sport 2000 Simon, Saalfelden

Since October 2016, Thomas "Tom" Hutter has been using the 3D foot scanner Vandra. Every sale of a ski boot now starts with a foot scan. His experiences have been very positive and his expectations are high.


WINTERSTEIGER: Tom, you have been fitting boots with BOOTDOC for about 10 years and the 3D scanner is the perfect addition to your equipment. What made you choose the 3D Scanner?


Tom Hutter: Digitalization is the prevailing trend in every sector, and it was clear to us that we should invest in this device. The 3D visualization puts on a show that impresses the customer. It's true that I could simply take an impression of the foot and measure it, but the scanner is very innovative and I can also demonstrate my own expertise at the same time. After all, the device "only" provides the data: I select the right ski boot. This is a good process: I wouldn't like it if the device suggested a ski boot too.


WINTERSTEIGER: How is the scanner received by the customers?


Tom Hutter: Very well – as soon as the customer steps onto the scanner, the ski boot is as good as sold. Most customers are surprised by how different their two feet are. We also sell BOOTDOC insoles and socks with 90 % of our sales. The scanner is a great tool and the investment is worth it.


WINTERSTEIGER: It has served you well during the winter season. Can it now take a break for the summer?


Tom Hutter: No, no way! We want to carry over the ski-boot-fitting success to mountain and hiking boots. The scanner also allows my colleagues to fill in for me and professionally sell the right insoles for the mountain boot.

WINTERSTEIGER: Are you happy with the data or would you add something to the scanner?


Tom Hutter: The data is very extensive, it fits the bill. But the customers are so delighted by the 3D image of their feet, they want to take it with them!


WINTERSTEIGER: Thank you for the interesting talk and a lot of success with the scanner.