Easystore Flex – complex, but not complicated

Franz Knauseder raves about the flexibility that Easystore Flex offers.

After more than 40 years it was high time that Sport Knauseder enlarged and modernized its premises. Franz Knauseder equipped his new ski rental center with the WINTERSTEIGER Easystore Flex rental system and Easystore furniture: Everything in local silver spruce, as he feels it‘s important to use regional products.



He is amazed by the high degree of functionality of the storage racks. "It‘s incredible how much we can store in such a small space. Whether skis, snowboards, poles, or boots – the new system means we have everything at our fingertips, everything is clearly stored for our employees and customers." The narrow front panels, which make the rental goods visible, are what make it all so neat. The flexible combination of dryer modules for helmets and boots and the ski and pole modules ensure that every centimeter is used to the full. "Christian Gruber (WINTERSTEIGER area sales manager) gave us some excellent advice and planned our new rental center down to the last detail. We were also impressed by how quickly it was all installed – just one and a half days." Franz Knauseder raves about the flexibility that Easystore Flex offers: "The simple installation means that should the need arise we can reconfigure our racking whenever we want".







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