Ready for the next job – Volunteer fire department in Ried has invested in drying panels

Volunteer fire department in Ried has invested in drying panels Gloves, shoes, and boots are dried quickly and hygienically. From left to right: Firefighters Christopher Burghardt and Manuel Schnaitl (photo credit: Rambossek)
photo credit: Rambossek

For the volunteer fire department in Ried, leaving gloves, shoes, and boots to air dry is now a thing of the past – drying panels from WINTERSTEIGER AG have been in use since the beginning of November.


Regional Fire Inspector and Fire Chief Josef Leherbauer is delighted with the successful solution: “To save energy, we chose one small and one large dryer that can be used as required. Both are equipped with different nozzles for gloves and boots.” As the drying system has been perfectly tailored to our requirements, the configurability of the dryer is a considerable advantage for the volunteer fire department in Ried.


The "Boot 10 Power" and "Boot 20 Power" drying panels are equipped with a 6-hour timer clock. “Leather boots have to be dried carefully. Even if water has permeated to the inside of the boots, they are dry in 4 to 6 hours,” says Leherbauer. Another advantage is the ozone lamp, which kills germs and neutralizes odors: “There is already a noticeable difference compared to before.” The drying panels also have a programmable 24-hour timer clock.


Thanks to the new drying panels, equipment belonging to the volunteer fire department in Ried is dried efficiently, carefully, and hygienically, and is ready for use again in just a few hours.


WINTERSTEIGER is the global market leader in ski rental and storage solutions. Its product range includes open and closed locker systems for the drying, germ reduction, and odor neutralization of all kinds of sports kit, work clothing, and uniforms.




Link: product range

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