WINTERSTEIGER in the far north

In April 2021, WINTERSTEIGER took over the Norwegian company "Board & Ski Teknikk AS" and founded the subsidiary WINTERSTEIGER NC (Nordic Countries). The WINTERSTEIGER subsidiary has been serving the markets Norway and Sweden directly ever since.


As early as 1981, Viggo Slang started in the ski service business together with Tomm Murstad jr. They began importing WINTERSTEIGER ski service machines to Norway and Sweden in the late 1980s. For more than 30 years, Viggo Slang was a reliable partner with his company "Board & Ski Teknikk AS". After the acquisition, Viggo Slang took the position “Sales Manager Dry & Protect” with products for professional and hygienic drying of sport equipment and work clothes from this date. He still works in the company.

New office and showroom in Oslo


In 2021 the subsidiary WINTERSTEIGER NC opened a new office and showroom in Oslo. The most popular products are automated ski service machines: In 2023, the team of Esben Blomberg, the General Manager of WINTERSTEIGER NC since 2021, successfully installed 2 Jupiter X in Oslo. The Jupiter is the flagship among WINTERSTEIGER ski service machines.

Because of Corona and Covid-19, all contracts with owner Viggo Slang were concluded digitally in December 2020. From left: CFO Harold Kostka, Viggo Slang and CEO Florestan von Boxberg.

2022: WINTERSTEIGER enters a partnership with the Norwegian Olympic team, pictured is Managing Director Esben Blomberg.

WINTERSTEIGER machines in the Norwegian ski museum. With Tomm Murstad jr. (left), a pioneer in ski repair and service. He opened Skandinavia's first ski service workshop in Oslo in 1964. Viggo Slang (right) started working with Tomm in 1982.

Esben Blomberg and Viggo Slang

The Norwegian team: Even Arnesen, Micke Hallstensson, Jan-Erik Bye, Carsten Mogensen, Esben Blomberg, Viggo Slang and Peter Fors.