WINTERSTEIGER brings SRC on board: Easyrent rental software receives reinforcements

WINTERSTEIGER brings SRC on board: Easyrent rental software receives reinforcements

In 2007, WINTERSTEIGER acquired the customers and employees of its competitor SRC in Vorarlberg in an asset deal. "Sport Rent Consulting" was founded in 1992 and specialized in software solutions for the sports retail trade. 


WINTERSTEIGER also had a software solution for renting skis and snowboards in its product portfolio: Easyrent began in 1995. In 2000, an initial technology change from MS Axess to OpenEdge ABL was implemented and the in-house programming was transferred to Infotech.

Easyrent was launched in 2000 and was programmed by Infotech.

Successful product merger.

With the merger of Easyrent and SRC, new dimensions became possible in the field of rental software. Sales almost doubled in the first – economically challenging – year of 2007: partly due to the new SRC customers, but also because Easyrent was able to stabilize sales at a high level.


The most important task was to merge the two software solutions based on Easyrent. Standard SRC functions such as data replication were reprogrammed in Easyrent and additional optimizations were implemented. For these tasks, WINTERSTEIGER brought long-standing Easyrent developers from Infotech on board.


Alongside the programming, the former SRC customers were converted to Easyrent within three years, and this was 95% successful. One of the first to switch was Intersport Arlberg with 6 branches and over 40 workstations. Support in the west was provided by colleagues Bernd Ihle and Thomas Sinn, both of whom are still working for WINTERSTEIGER Easyrent today.

One for all.

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One for all.

The Easyrent rental software was constantly further developed over the subsequent years, with many modules and interfaces being created. In addition to the complete rental process, Easyrent has grown into a full ERP system including merchandise management and offers many important tools for the sports retail trade: from online reservation for skis, snowboards, and bikes, management of the ski depot, service, and assembly management for skis and bikes, through to process optimization for the rental process.


The Easyrent team of 25 employees now serves almost 1400 customers with 15,000 workstations worldwide.

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