Reichersberg orders laboratory thresher

laboratory thresherFirst "WINTERSTEIGER machine": Laboratory thresher LD 180 DR

Josef Körber, a qualified engineer at the seed breeding center in Reichersberg, was a visionary. He had many ideas about how seed breeding could be improved and, in 1954, tasked his friend Hans Wintersteiger with building the first laboratory thresher. Until then, ears were rubbed out manually.


The laboratory thresher was very successful and was sold throughout Europe in the following years. This marked the successful entry into the mechanization of seed breeding and the launch of today's SEEDMECH division. With equipment for the entire breeding process, SEEDMECH has developed into the world market leader and has sold more than 4,000 plot combines.


70 years and still going strong.

The original laboratory thresher from 1954 is still used regularly in Reichersberg today. It is used as a "sample sifter": winter cereals such as winter wheat, winter barley, and winter triticale can pass through in clumps and are pre-cleaned in the process. The samples then continue on to the laboratory.


In Reichersberg, everyone is still very happy with the stable, reliable device: “It's the quickest way. The thresher is easy to operate and very practical to clean. The seed purity of the crop varieties is perfect,” says Heinrich Schrems, responsible for breeding winter oilseed rape at the seed breeding station. When asked about necessary repairs, he adds: “The beater bar was replaced three years ago. The thresher has been given a new cable and new connections, otherwise everything works perfectly. There is no better device on the market for our needs!”