Easyrent is top of the class: Ski School St. Ulrich, Gröden

Leo Zambon, director and Alpine ski instructor at the Ski and Snowboard School St. Ulrich in Gröden

The Ski School St. Ulrich is one of Italy's most famous skiing institutions. Founded before the Second World War, it has grown to encompass 5 sites with 110 active ski instructors and has contributed significantly to the success of one of the world's most popular ski resorts. In fall 2016, the ski school switched to the Easyrent rental software.


Interfaces for tailored solutions.

Leo Zambon, director of the ski school, explains what he particularly likes about Easyrent: "With almost 20 years of experience behind it, Easyrent offers numerous options and can be adapted to diverse workflows and linked to many interfaces. For example, rental customers can reserve online or directly in their hotel. When they arrive at the ski rental store, they are already entered in the system and do not need to register. If they want to buy something, it is booked via a customer ledger and billed all together."


Innovative online reservation.

Online check-in terminals were first installed in the Seceda branch, but after the successful winter season, there are plans to equip further sites with these facilities. Customers select their desired ski models and mountain bikes via the online reservation system using their smartphone or tablet. The web service automatically checks the model's availability, meaning that manual checking of the countless online reservations is not necessary. Back in head office, Easyoffice guarantees optimal and consistent monitoring and management.


Safety for little and large.

The ski school places great importance on safety: In addition to the three-hour "Safe Skiing" course, it has also invested in the WINTERSTEIGER Safetronic binding adjustment and checking device. All rental skis are regularly tested with the Safetronic, to guarantee guests the highest standards of safety. The Safetronic is also connected to Easyrent and the binding tests are managed in the software.

Easyrent for customer loyalty.

For particularly loyal guests there is the Friends Card. With this card – also managed via Easyrent – friends of the Ski School St. Ulrich can look forward to special gifts, such as a ski service with the WINTERSTEIGER Discovery automated ski servicing machine or free hire of the latest ski models.